LifeAfter Event Rice Dumplings Recipes

LifeAfter Event Rice Dumplings Recipes

Event Duration: June 6, 2019 - June 19, 2019

With the Rice Dumping Event well underway, we've put together a list of the recipes and some details on how to get the ingredients. The currency of the event called Wormwood Leaves will only be valid between June 6 to June 19 2019. It can't exchanged or converted to New Dollars once it expires so make sure to exchange via the event Market tab to get the items you want.

Rice Dumplings Recipes List

  • Chestnut & Meat = Chestnut + Pork Belly + 2 Sticky Rice 
  • Chestnut & Shrimp = Chestnut + Shrimp + 2 Sticky Rice
  • Mung Bean & Ham = Mung Bean + Ham + 2 Sticky Rice 
  • Mung Bean & Meat = Mung Bean + Pork Belly + 2 Sticky Rice
  • Shiitake & Ham = Shiitake + Ham + 2 Sticky Rice
  • Shiitake & Shrimp = Shiitake + Shrimp + 2 Sticky Rice
  • Supreme Sweet Rice Dumpling = Shiitake + Chestnut + Mung Beans + Sticky Rice
  • Supreme Meat Rice Dumpling = Pork Belly + Ham + Shrimp + Sticky Rice

Where to Get Sticky Rice?

Sticky Rice can be bought from the Caravan Market, accessible from the event window. You need to exchange x2 Wormwood Leaves (event-exclusive resource) for a piece of Sticky Rice. You can also get this from Lunchboxes but their drop rate is a lot lesser.

Where to Get Wormwood Leaves?

You can get 25 Wormwood Leaves (along with Mastery points and other rewards) by completing the tasks indicated in the Duo Training screen. You'll also get these leaves whenever you successfully cook an event-exclusive dish (see recipes above) or from earning enough credits in the Honor Contest (see below)

How to get the Rice Dumplings Event Ingredients

You can get Mung Beans, Ham, Shiitake and other event-exclusive ingredients randomly from Lunchboxes (bags). You can get event bags by killing the infected, animals, or even when collecting resources they are not always guaranteed to drop every time. You can only collect 10 bags per day.

What is the Flea Market

This market displays a limited list of heavily discounted items daily during the event. Some items costs Fed Credits but you may find good deals like rare saplings, drill bits, rare resources and so on. You can refresh the display for free once a day, further refreshes will cost 20 Wormwood Leaves each.

What's the Honor Contest?

This is a limited event time that you can join to get free Wormwood Leaves and cash. You can see the event's schedule by tapping the Double 5th Icon on the top right. You only need to reach 200 credits in order to get a total of 50 Wormwood Leaves and 3000 New Dollars.

I'm not sure if there are other maps or events but when I participated in the contest, I was thrown in a Snowball Fight mode. This pits you in a free-for-all battle royale against other players. Ordinary weapons can't damage your opponents and your regular healing items won't work. You can only pick up Snowballs and Snowball Launchers scattered in the map. For the healing items, you have to open the medical supplies available only in that map.

If you entered the game before the battle starts, all players will be protected but they can't pick up snowballs or items either. Once the battle starts, they can now pick up the items so during the brief protected time, you must find a snowball that you can pick up immediately. The snowball launcher is the best weapon for this mode since you don't have to throw it like a grenade and it can reach the target a lot faster.

If you picked up a snowball, take note that it functions like a grenade so you must press and hold the grenade icon on the left of the screen to see where the snowball will land.

Participating in this event is already worth 50 credits. Defeating other players and surviving longer will earn you more. There are five attempts to do this event, three of them are free entries while the remaining two attempts will require you to pay 20 Wormwood leaves before you can enter.