How to Report a Cheater on Apex Legends

Each game certainly has Cheater and that is certainly very troubling in a game.

Meet Cheater at Apex Legends? Confused How to Report? This is the Cheater Report

The more big games that emerge, when competitive shooter games like Apex Legends experts will break into and make cheats.

On February 16, EA has taken action to cheat users at Apex Legends, a total of 16,000 players who have not escaped baned action, but there are some players who may have escaped the action.

The cheaters' levels are very diverse, ranging from Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), AimBot, and also Wall Hack. Illegal program users will display information that will not be available without using cheats, namely Player name, Enemy Health, and also Dinstance.

There are also very impactful cheats besides providing information about your opponent. namely AimBot, Target Lock, and also Radar Hack.

Factors such as the passing of the bullet and the speed of the bullet included in the functioning AimBot section allow further murder. The severity of this cheat can be hidden from the overlay so that if you are streaming it cannot be seen by others.

It was very troubling for players who were pure suddenly arrived at the fight with the cheaters. Many cheaters who managed to escape the banned action carried out on 16 February were due to different indications.

In the game Apex Legends there is also no system report available in the game, but to report cheating from the cheaters you can fill out the form.

In the form later you will be asked to enter your ID so that the EA can analyze the log file which might help determine whether fraud has occurred or not.