Esmeralda - Hero Tank Mobile Legends That Can Destroy and Steal Opposite Shields

Esmeralda - Hero Tank Mobile Legends That Can Destroy and Steal Opposite Shields

Although it has been abandoned by some players due to switching to the battle royale game, Mobile Legends continues to provide updates by launching new heroes for loyal players.

One of the new heroes is Esmeralda. The new Hero Mobile Legends has even been featured on Advance Server since a few months ago, which means it can be tried by those who can join the server.

Like a trend that has recently been promoted by Moonton, the developer and publisher of Mobile Legends, the new hero, nicknamed the Astrologer, also carries a dual role, a combination of mage and tanks.

This hero specializes in charge / burst, which means that this hero has the ability to approach or run away from an opponent, but can provide enormous damage in a short time.

Based on the statistics displayed by Moonton, Esmeralda the Astrologer has not-so-special statistics. This hero has durability, offense, ability effect, and difficulty whose value tends to be normal.

But even so, this hero has a terrifying attack power, because besides being able to provide physical and magical damage, his attacks can penetrate shields and make enemy shield items useless.

The Skill Owned by Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Like other normal heroes, Esmeralda has one passive skill that can be active without the need to press the trigger button and three active skills which include the ultimate skill or commonly called the ulti skill.

Passive Skill - Starmoon Casket

After manipulating stardust and frostmoon, Esmeralda will give double damage in the form of physical damage and magical damage, both from basic attacks and from the skills it does.

The attack will also provide shielding against opponents, as much as 150 percent of the amount of magical damage generated by the frostmoon that it launches against the opponent.

And which is quite frightening, all attacks carried out by Esmeralda will ignore all of the opponent's shield effects thanks to this passive skill, and while it will also change its shield into a cellphone.

Skill 1 - Frostmoon Shield

By activating the Frostmoon Shield skill, Esmeralda will add its shield points and increase its movement speed. Meanwhile, he will also steal the enemy's shield and change it into his own shield.

Skill 2 - Stardust Dance

Esmeralda will give physical damage in the amount of and magical damage to nearby enemies. And if the attack hits the enemy, the cool down Frostmoon Shield will accelerate.

Skill 3 - Ultimate Skill

Esmeralda will gather strength from astrospace into Stardust and Frostmoon. The longer the duration, the more power Esmeralda will get.

Furthermore, Esmeralda will fire Stardust in a certain direction that will produce physical damage, and will move itself in that direction to blow up the Frostmoon which will give magical damage.