Easy Ways to Get Free Formula Shard in LifeAfter

In the previous post we shared how to get Formula Shard and R&D.

Well, on this occasion we will provide 5 easy ways to get Formula Shard for free every day.

Some of you may already know what Formula Shard is and what its uses are. What is clear is that the shard formula is the type of item needed to play a gacha machine or Formula Research Station.

how to get a shard formula in life after

This machine will produce a formula that we can learn to make various kinds of weapons, armor, furniture, and so on.

Besides being able to buy it at the mall using a gold bar or cash, it turns out we can get this shard formula for free, but of course there is a process or effort to get it.

How to Get Formula Shard Free in Life After

1. Send gifts to NPCs

The first method is send gift to the NPC or give a gift to the NPC. In the city of Hope 101 and at Camp there are a number of NPCs that we can give gifts. Whether it's in the form of food, mining materials, or other items.

After the point limit is reached, the NPC will repay your kindness by giving a Formula Shard gift sent to your home via the mailbox.

2. Complete the match at Nancy City

After combat you reach level 12, you can take part in a match between players in the city of Nancy City. In the arena you can run several quests that can be completed every day.

After the quest is complete or your team wins the match, you will get a number of medals that can be exchanged for a wide selection of items, one of them Formula Shard. You can exchange the medal to an NPC named Acer that can be found at Hope 101 or at Camp.

3. Looting at Farstar City

Farstar City is a city that holds a lot of natural resources and hidden treasures. Here you can get shard formulas in various ways. One of them is by opening a padlocked box inside a building or house.

The locked box must be opened using the Master Key. While you can make the Master Key yourself. Like the picture above, the admin gets 4 Formula Shard pieces in one box.

4. Complete Achievements

How to get the next free shard formula is through the Achievements menu. If your achievement points reach a certain amount, you will get rewards in the form of gold bars, dollars, and shard formulas.

5. Complete the event

The last way you can try is to participate in various events. Like now there is an event called White Rose. If you complete a certain mission, you will be given a cake. The cake can be exchanged with a wide selection of items, one of which is Formula Shard.

Now that's a tutorial on how to collect or get shard formulas for free every day in the Life After game that you can try. If you have tips or other methods, please share via the comments column below.