Apex Legends Tips & Tricks Play with the Pathfinder Legend

The Legend Pathfinder character in Apex Legends is likened to a pilot from TitanFall 2.

This Legend Pathfinder character is the most agile character in this Apex Legends game. Investigating folders in a battle is a skill needed in a team.

Summary : The pathfinder of one of the characters who has the expertise from Passive Ability is able to provide information on locations that will be closed or narrowed later. Grappling Hook in Tactical Ability provides high mobility for the Pathfinder.

The Ultimate Ability is Zipline Gun which is able to make Zipline Gun wherever the pathfinder is.

Passive Ability : Insider Knowledge
This ability enables the Patfinder to investigate maps in the Apex Legends game. Pathfinder can access Survey Beacon that is in the map. After accessing a Beacon, Pathfinder will get information about the location of the Beacon about a safe location when the map will start to shrink. Only Pathfinder characters are able to get Map information like this, Pathfinder is a team caretaker who can give a command to choose a suitable place to survive.

Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook
This ability will make the Pathfinder able to go to a high place or maybe advance faster. Pathfinder will shoot a rope that will help him to move according to the end of the rope. It is like a spiderman, who shoots his net and attacks enemies who are in a directional direction.

Note: This ability has Cooldown of 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun
This ability makes the Pathfinder expert in making a zipline permanently and can be used by anyone. This Zipline will help to access locations that are high or much faster. Getting around maps with Zipline will be easier.

Conclusion : Pathfinder is included in the category of Legends characters that are useful in a Team. Where the Pathfinder is also a mobility character in Apex Legends. Grappling hook that helps to move to a higher place and somewhere faster that enables the Pathfinder to become a Sniper expert. Finding a safe place and the right position will not be difficult for a Pathfinder.

Tips & Trick to Play As a Pathfinder

• Passive Ability Insider Knowledge use when viewing Beacon surveys

The passive ability of Pathfinder will be very useful when in mid-game. You must be able to read the situation and location to determine a safe location when entering the mid game condition and the map starts to shrink. In the beginning of the game this ability may be less useful, this information can give you time to determine the area to hide in one location, before the enemy comes to avoid the zone getting smaller.

• Active in using Zipline

Ultimate Ability in Pathfinders which can make a zipline must be able to be mastered. You must be familiar and active in using ziplines to move higher. By being in a higher place thanks to the zipline and the grapples make Pathfinder more useful for being a sniper.

Zipline can also be used to get out of the battlefield. Entering the enemy's trap is not surprising. Zipline can be used by enemies and friends of your team, you can also make a trap with your zipline. Enemies hanging on the zipling are easy to shoot at.

• Use Grappling Hook as much as possible

Grappling Hook can be used to attract enemies, but it is not very easy. You need teamwork for this. When you attract enemies, enemies may fight, but most players will panic over the reflexes received when pulled by the Pathfinder.

The risk for this is certainly there, when you miss you will be withdrawn by your grappling hook and will open an opportunity for the enemy. But the Grappling Hook can be canceled.