Always Error When Playing Apex Legends? This is the way to fix r5apex.exe on Apex Legends

When opening the application or playing until half - suddenly an error notification appears?

Playing the Apex Legends game on PC is indeed more interesting especially for PC gamers. However, differences in hardware result in a number of things that are not supported. Very frustrating when playing or opening an application and the notification box appears.

Most things like this are users of Windows 8.1 or under Windows 7. This has often been discussed by most people who are bothered about this. Even from EA, they have not yet commented on this issue.

We will try to provide a way to fix this error.

• First thing, Open My Computer> C Drive> Program Files (x86)> Origin Games> Apex. or you open the Apex game file in the folder where you saved it.

• Second thing, Look for an application with the name r5apex in your Apex game folder. Right-click on the r5apex application, then select Properties.

• Third thing, Please select the Compability table, then check Run this program in compability mode for.

• The fourth thing, Choose Windows 7 from the selection of tables that appear.

• The fifth thing, Check Run this program as administrator, then click OK.

• Sixth thing, Return to Apex Game Folder, then open the EasyAntiCheat folder.

• Seventh, Open the EasyAntiCheat Setup Application then click Repair Service and wait for a moment and click Finish.

• Seventh thing, Open Origin> My Game Library.

• Eighth, Right-click for the Apex Legends game, then select the Game Update menu in that option. Waiting for the update to finish so that Apex Legends appears ready to play.

Simplified way.

• My Computer> C Drive> Program Files (x86)> Origin Games> Apex> Right-click r5apex> Properties> Compability> Check Run Run this program in compability for:> Windows 7> Checklist Run this program as administrator> OK.

• Apex Folder> EasyAntiCheat> EasyAntiCheat Setup> Repair Service> Finish.

• Origin> My Game Library> Apex Legends> Game Update.