31 Tips and Turorial Apex Legends for Beginners

Apex Legends Tips and Trick for Beginners

Since the release of Apex Legends, who would have thought that the Battle Royale game by Respawn Entertainment managed to get 25 million players in a short time.

This number seems to still continue to grow, considering that the Battle Royale genre itself is still quite popular today, and of course thanks to Apex Legends that can be played for free. That might make Apex Legends beat the popularity of Fortnite in the future.

Therefore, the author would like to give a little help in the form of tips, as well as the things you need to know when jumping and fighting in the world of Apex Legends.

1. You can check the weapons that you can find in the game along with the damage they produce through the image chart below.

2. The * sign on the image (Mastiff and Kraber) is a rare weapon that you can only find in Supply Drops. And throughout the game, some Supply Drops will continue to fall at a random location.

Note: The Ultimate Lifeline which can also call the Drop Supply doesn't seem to present these rare weapons.

3. Some weapons even though they belong to the same category sometimes have different types of Ammo. For simplicity, Ammo types are distinguished in the form of Colors.

* Chocolate - Light Rounds
* Light Blue - Heavy Rounds
* Red - Shotgun Shells
* Green = - Energy Ammo

Note: Mastiff and Kraber rare weapons use Special Ammo, which you can't find anywhere. So you are advised to save money during the game if you get these rare weapons.

4. Items such as Shield, Helmet, Attachments, Consumables and the like that you can loot have their own tiers or levels. The higher the tier it has, the higher the effect produced by the item. Tier on an item is also distinguished by color:

* White - Common Loot
* Blue - Rare Loot
* Ungu - Epic Loot
* Gold - Legendary Loot

5. During the game, if you need items such as bullets, med kits or even attachments, open your inventory menu and press the Ping button on the item you need. So that the Squad will hear the Ping, and who knows they have or find the item you need.

6. The attachments on your weapon will automatically move when you exchange weapons with the same Attachment slot. So you don't need to open the inventory to release the attachment attached to the weapon you want to replace.

7. Shoot or hit if you meet an Apex Pack robot as shown below, and you will get at least one Rare Loot. This little robot also makes a sound that makes it easy for you to look for it.

8. The Frag Grenade will explode right after 4 seconds and the Arc Star will explode 3 seconds after sticking. Arc Star will also slow down the motion of players who are within range of the explosion.

9. Every time you shoot the enemy, you can see the damage number that appears above his head. The damage numbers that come out have different outline colors:

* Gold - Headshot
* Purple - Shield Level 3
* Blue - Shield Level 2
* White - Shield Level 1
* Red - Without Shield

Note: This information is very useful for you to remember, because you can determine whether you need to play aggressively or remain cautious.

10. What distinguishes Tier Shield is only its capacity, does not reduce the incoming damage from weapons (except Helmet to protect the head). Tier Shield level 1 only has a capacity of 50, tier shield level 2 has a capacity of 75 and tier shield level 3 has a capacity of 100.

11. Melee and Jump Kick attacks will always give 30 damage. However, it is recommended not to use it too much after landing and prioritize searching for weapons.

12. It's always a good idea to always carry a Shotgun type of weapon, considering that battles tend to start in medium distances and often end at close range.

13. One item that seems likely to be ignored is Ultimate Accelerant, where the item can cut 10% of your character's Ultimate cooldown. Suitable for Legends with the old ultimate cooldown like Lifeline for example.

14. Finisher is one of the features in Apex Legends to finish off enemies that are down with cool animations. But the animation tends to last around 5 seconds and you can still be hit by enemy attacks. If you really want to do a finisher, do it when you and your target are isolated.

15. When knockdown, you or the enemy can still use the door and block the door from opening. This at least gives you time to last longer until help arrives.

16. If there are enemies who knockdown and block the door, you can simply do two melee attacks towards the door to destroy it.

17. When the enemy is killed, they will drop a large box containing the loot they have collected. Each box has a color depending on the highest tier loot they have. But keep in mind that the highest loot tier can only be a weapon attachment.

18. When you take the Shield from the box your enemy has dropped, the Shield will immediately refill it to its maximum capacity. So you will be a little economical to use Shield Cell.

19. If your friend is dead (not a knockdown), you can turn it back on by taking a beacon from the box your friend dropped and bring it to the Respawn Station that is spread out in the map.

20. Respawn Station in the same place can only be used once, but you can still turn on your two friends at once.

21. You also need to be careful when you turn on your friends. Because when respawn, your friend will come using a large plane that is also noisy. Other players can just see the plane and decide to hunt down your squad.

22. Keep in mind that any player who lives back from Respawn Station will lose his weapon. It's good for all squad members to refocus looking for the loot.

23. It seems that there are still many new players who don't understand the beacon features and Respawn Station. Therefore, it is recommended to keep killing enemies who are knockdown so that they do not easily return to the game.

24. Gold tier equipment also provides additional effects that are useful for your character:

* Gold Helmet - Speed up the ultimate cooldown.
* Gold Shield - Automatic refill if doing a finisher
* Gold Backpack - Item consumables can be used faster
* Gold Knockdown Shield - You can revive without your friend's help during knockdown

25. When before the game starts, you will be notified of the player who got the title champion. You will get a bonus of 500 exp at the end of the game if you manage to finish the champion.

26. If you get Jumpmaster rights but don't want to use it, you can give that right to your friend by pressing the Relinquish button.

27 When viewing a map, you can see the symbols listed at the bottom right of the map. Hot Zone with blue symbols is usually full of high tier loots. But keep in mind that these locations are also crowded as other players land.

28. Supply Ship directly available from the beginning of the game, you can just jump directly into the ship. But be careful because many other players are also targeting the ship.

29. When browsing, you will get a notification in the form of a place name when entering an area, and you will also get tier information from the loot that is spread over the area.

30. There are many vertical ziplines with balloons on top of them which are scattered throughout the map. You can use the zipline to be thrown into the air and go back to glide or jump into the location you want.

31. Currently Apex Legends only presents squad mode, therefore the composition of the team is also important enough to increase the chance of winning the game. At least always present one Legends capable of support in your squad.

Apex Legends itself has only just arrived for a while, but fans have also begun to wonder what new things will be presented in the future. Given that Respawn Entertainment itself is the figure behind the Titanfall game that also received a positive response from gamers, we certainly can expect the best from the developer.

Well, can you also find useful tips in playing Apex Legends? Come on, just share it in the comments! Who knows the tips that you put forward will add to the authors in the points above. End of the story, good luck and have fun!

You can play Apex Legends on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You who are interested in seeing reviews from us can directly visit this page.