Utopia: Origin Tips for Beginners

Utopia: Origin is a game where you will be given freedom of movement and time management. You are required to do activities as you will survive. From collecting materials, seeking peace or fighting, searching for communities, building houses, fighting creatures, cooking to eating and drinking, catching pets and mounts and much more.

The game Utopia: Origin seen from the game system that looks very easy, but if traced more and more in that case it is not as easy as it seems. There are several things that are discussed and must be considered in this game.

Utopia: Origin Tips for Beginners

- 1 : Peace and Peace
For beginners it is recommended to choose peaceful mode, because for war mode it is very dangerous for beginners. As a beginner entering the world of peace is best for learning and getting used to the world of Utopia: Origin.

- 2 : Be aware of deception
It has been stated that there are some cheaters in this game, and many of them are cheats. This is the lowest fraud rate in terms of purchases after you finish shopping. So be careful of trade transactions.

- 3 : Pay attention to rare materials / goods Like the treasure chest. You will meet a thief, or you might be a copycat. Just as in Chaos mode some information in the rules carries a box. Some ingredients / items such as chili perppers, truffles, purple, pink phosphors, red, blue lotus, poisonous mushrooms are included in rare ingredients. Make sure you take it when you see it.

- 4 : Don't risk too much
Dying can cause your items / equipment to fall and become relic except for death protection, and a 10% penalty reduces your EXP. Pay attention to some monsters that will attack spontaneously like Tyrannosaurus Rex, wolf, bear, saber-toothed tiger, venom dragon, imps that appear at midnight and others. You must pay attention to the level limits that you can face.

- 5 : Thieves are very difficult to maintain
Look best when there are stone people, because there will be many people who will come with other situations. sharing the right to use in your home, and other people can just take your goods / materials and leave the house.

- 6 : Requires several strategies
In this game not only takes time. But it requires a strategy in prescribing, pet food, the fresh point of goods reappearing is very important. If you don't understand that you won't be able to play fully, because the strategy is very important.

- 7 : Don't harvest orbs too much. For beginners, harvesting orbs is a waste of energy. In the beginning the magic crystal time was very expensive, and as time went on, the magic crystal would grow up. So, don't spend time in the initial stages.

- 8 : Maintain material
There will be some useful material in the front. Truffles for example. Don't sell, because they will become rare items.

- 9 : Learn to use Magic well. Using the wand as a magic weapon and drawing some patterns in the pad will produce several spells. Ice, Fire, Lighting, Summon, Heal, Fly Spell.