Utopia: Origin How to Use the Smelt Furnance Facility

In the Utopia game there are several smelting facilities. we will discuss the smelt furnace facility which serves to melt several resource materials such as ore, sand, stone, etc.

Furnances can be made from the available workbench from the crafting facility menu. Where the material needed to make Work Bench is 20x Wood. Wood can be obtained from cutting down trees using axes.

The first thing needed to make a Smelt Furnance is Work Bench which has been discussed above. From Work Bench, you can create Furnance through the Smelting Facility. Where Furnance requires some material, namely Rock x 30.

Materials that can be melted in Smelt Furnance are Rock, Lime, Sand, Clay, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, & Gold Ore. The fuel needed in smelt furnaces is Coal, Wood, & Straw to melt the material. The results of smelting such as iron bars, silver bars, glass, etc. that function as crafting materials.

Furnance can be used by all hearth members, but sharing options must be opened by the hearth chairman. The smelting results will be different from the initial material inserted into the furnace.

List of Smelt Furnance Results Based on Basic Materials

► Rock → Lime
► Lime → Cement
► Sand → Glass
► Clay → Brick
► Iron Ore → Iron Bar
► Silver Ore → Silver Bar
► Gold Ore → Gold Bar