Utopia: Origin How to Tame the Mottled Parrot

Finally what has been awaited by so many players has been released by Utopia: Origin

Utopia, Origin has just updated a new patch, and the good news is that now the Mottled Parrot can be captured, and you will have a pet that has the ability to fly.

How to Taming Mottled Parrot?

What you need in capturing the Mottled Parrot is some material to make the Mottled Parrot Feed.

Material material is as follows

1x Wheat Feed → 1x Chili Feed → 1x Abalone

You need 55 feeds to catch 1 Mottled Parrot.

How to Find the Mottled Parrot Location

The Mottled parrot location has been recorded by several sources. Here we will provide a Mottled Parrot Location that you can find.

Come on it's time to catch the Mottled Parrot, and have a flying pet.