Utopia: Origin How to do an Exchange Trading House

In Utopia: Origin is a feature of trading or buying and selling called Exchange.

Exchange or Trading House is a means of buying and selling provided by the system even though most players make a trading system in buying and selling.

In this Exchange system you can search for the items you want, or you can sell goods and put prices on the items you sell.

To do this feature you must go to the location provided by the system. There are 3 locations that can be found to enter the Exchange Trading House.

Utopia: Origin How to do an Exchange Trading House.

Only provided 3 locations to do Exchange right adjacent to the location of Beacon, namely Fragrant Plain; Goldvalley Prairie; and Springday Coast.

Exchange Trading House in the form of a large and magnificent palace, is very easy to find from these 3 locations. We will discuss How to do an Exchange Trading House

Buy Item

► Click the Buy button under Exchange to see all the items available in the Exchange.
► Sort the items with the buttons above and left side.
► Check the Selling Amount and Use Level of target items in the information item. Selling Amount shows the number of items available in the Exchange. Use Level indicates the minimum use of the level of the item.
► You can sort items from Use Level or Price. Compare prices before buying.
► The search feature is also provided to quickly select items you want to search.
► Click the item you want to buy and a purchase page will appear, make sure the price is correct then click the button and payment using Gold, Silver. and Copper Coin.

Sell Item

► Click Sell button under Exchange to see items available for sale.
► You can also check your sales history from the available Sell Log menu.
► Click the item you want to sell and check the price in the page settings. Enter the price amount in the Unit Price and specify the number of items. Click Sell and put it into Exchange.

Goods entered into the Exchange will be taken 3% of the sales proceeds as transaction costs by the system.

The payment currencies used are Coin, namely: Gold Coin, Silver Coin, and Copper Coin. Coincan be obtained from exchanging your Credit with a rate of 1 Credit = 1 Gold Coin = 100 Silver = 10,000 Copper.