Utopia: Origin How to Activate Beacon and Open Map

How to Open Map Utopia: Origin

In the game Utopia: Origin is given a Map feature, which serves to check a location. But in the Utopia map it will open if the beacon has been activated, if it has not been activated then the map will have clouds covering the area.

Beacon & Map Utopia: Origin that has been opened

Beacon & Map Utopia: Origin Unopened

To activate Beacon & Map Utopia: Origin you must go to the Beacon that has not been opened. In the picture above, the Beacon that is not yet open is a Beacon with a black image.

After you go to the Beacon place you have to go to the Beacon orb, which is behind the Portal Beacon.

You must touch the Beacon Orb to activate the Beacon Location.

After you activate the Beacon Orb, you can use the Beacon Location in teleport, and the cloud in the map will disappear. All locations in the Beacon area such as iron ore locations, gold ore, silver ore, obsidian ore, relic will be seen in the Map.

Every time you activate a Beacon that has not been opened you will get an EXP of 1,000 points.