Utopia: Origin Event Mounts Dolphin & Griffin

Utopia: Origin presents 2 New Mounts in the New Event Edition. 

The 2 mounts are Strom Griffin and Dolphin Catfish. Storm Griffin is a Flying Mount that is capable of flying into space, while the Dolphin Catfish are Mounts that can be in water capable of crossing the ocean.

Dolphin and Griffin can be obtained from the SHOP available by Utopia: Origin and cannot be traded because it is a bound item.

We will discuss a little about these two mounts.

Storm Griffin

The price sold in SHOP is 5,600 coupons with a permanent time.

Details of Storm Griffin are:
Speed Land: 7,800; Flight: 10,800; and Load of 43k.

Dolphin Catfish

The price sold in the SHOP is 1,800 coupons with a record time of 30 days; and 3,600 coupons for permanent time.

The details of the Dolphin Lele are:
Speed water: 10,060; Sprint: 20,120; and Load of 38k.