Tips & Tricks Play with the Apex Legends Bangalore Legend

The Bangalore Legend in Apex Legends is included in the Player's Favorite Legend Character.

Bangalore or by another name Professional Soldier, is a legendary character in Apex Legends which is considered to have very useful tactics. We will give a little info about this Legend one.


Bangalore has an offensive combination that is very useful in the battlefield. Where from the Double Time passive ability that is able to provide the ability to boost the speed of movement to the character when fired on by the enemy. And also do not forget the Tactical Ability, Smoke Grenade, which is able to protect the enemy from the reach of the enemy.

His Ultimate Ability is his attack ability, Rolling Thunder, where Bongalore will drop a carpet containing bombs from the air and this ability is AOE that reaches a very wide area.

Passive Ability: Double Time

As discussed in this summary, this ability will give Legend's ability to move speed when he is being shot at by an enemy. This ability will help when he is being shot and will run to a place to take refuge or maybe it can be useful to suppress enemy positions more quickly.

If you are able to control and master this skill you are able to get in and out of the battle effectively, and be able to damage the opponent's playing pattern.

Tactical Ability: Smoke Grenade

As discussed in this summary, this ability can protect itself from the reach of the enemy. This skill is categorized as the most useful skill from Bangalore. He will ride a smoke grenade that will cover the enemy's view of time in a fairly large area. This Granap Smoke will last for 15 seconds, and at that time you can run or run away from enemies or you can kill your enemies.

You must master this ability to optimize your game on the battlefield.

Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

As discussed in this summary, this ability will drop a bomb in an area that you are aiming for. In addition to causing quite a lot of damage, this bomb also spreads to a fairly large area, this bomb will explode in a short duration when it hits the ground.

This ability is able to suppress the opponent's position to determine 2 choices, run for the crew from the bomb area or stay in that position.

This skill also has very minimal weaknesses, because it requires a duration of time to explode, the enemy has a small chance to avoid.


• Smoke Grenade is the key to your game

Tactical Ability is very useful in your game, Smoke Grenade can help you to cover all your actions, with colldown that isn't too long. Bangalore can use this skill in many situations, such as turning on friends, hiding, and also being able to trick your opponent by throwing smoke grenade into a location where the enemy is guarding.

• Enemies to watch out for

Smoke Grenade is indeed the key to the game, but it has very big weaknesses. Bloodhound is one of the Legend that you must watch out for Bangalore. Where Bloddhound has one ability, Beast of the hunt is able to see in any situation. When you throw smoke grenade, the enemy's vision, and you will be stopped for a moment when you are inside the smoke collection. But Bangalore is able to see its abilities so that it can find out where you are and is able to kill you in that too.

Abilty Smoke Grenade is very mandatory for you to master, because there are some times or conditions you cannot rely on smoke to hide and vice versa.

• Attacking enemies inside the house with Ultimate Ability

In the Apex Legends game, there will be many buildings that can be used as hiding places. If you see an enemy hiding inside a house with a hollow roof. Your Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder is ready for you to launch to attack them inside the house. The missile that will fall from Rolling Thunder can enter the room, but with the condition of a hollow roof.

You are able to attack enemies from afar without having to interact. This is a very effective way to kill enemies in the distance and get caught in a situation.

• During the war don't rely on Smoke

Smoke is a visual marker that is very well understood. Most people already know the trick when the enemy is in smoke is to run out and wait for anyone who is in the smoke to be shot at.