Tips to Survive Easily for beginners in LifeAfter

Are you a fan of zombie games?

Of the various types of science fiction creatures, zombies are one of the most famous among others.

Ranging from horrible zombie films like World War Z to Left 4 Dead games. Zombies are always interesting enemies.

Lately there is the latest game on zombie-themed Android, LifeAfter. This game has thrilling gameplay and exciting stories.

Intrigued by the game? Come on, get to know and see tips for survival from zombies in LifeAfter. Check out more!

LifeAfter is an RPG genre game released for Android and iOS for free.

Since its first appearance on mobile, this game has become one of the best-selling games with more than 1 million downloads.

Until now, LifeAfter is still in the list of the 10 best in the Top Grossing Games Google Play Store.

How good is this game from NetEase Games? Come on, see our brief review below.

Exciting Story, Survive from Zombies

Yes, this LifeAfter game starts with an exciting story that introduces you to the world after the zombie outbreak or the spread of the zombie virus.

You start the adventure in a truck that is being attacked by many zombies. Honey, the truck you were riding in had an accident.

From there you continue the story together with your pet dog. You will also meet various NPCs to help you in the game.

The story in this game is very exciting and interesting. You will be taken into an adventure filled with battles with zombies.

There must be 'bad luck' events experienced by the main character. So you have to bet on fighting or running away from zombies.

Thrilling Gameplay

Talking about playing style, this game is very similar to PUBG zombie mode with a little story and adventure.

In this game you can build headquarters and do looting to survive. Yes, you need to eat in this game.

You can do booting by visiting the boot location, attacking other players, or getting shipments from them in the form of supplies and weapons.

The perspective of Third Person Shooting or TPS is very suitable for this type of game. And the buttons are very general, similar to the Battle Royale game.

When fighting with zombies it's very exciting and tense, you can play alone or with friends.

More exciting because you can meet other players who can help or even attack your loot.

Graphic Class of Console

Even though it is played via mobile, this game has pretty good graphics. Not inferior to console games and PCs, you know!

However, you also need to have the right gaming device to be able to play this game with the best graphics.

LifeAfter is a game released since December 17, 2018. This game was developed by NetEase Games and is one of the best mobile games at the moment.

Tips for Survival in Life After

Playing LifeAfter will be difficult if you have never played a similar game. We have a few tips for you to be able to play LifeAfter easily.

Come on, see the full tips so you can be the best in AfterLife:

1. Pay attention to Hunger Bar

The first thing you should pay attention to is Hunger Bar, never underestimate the Hunger Bar because your character can die of starvation.

If your Hunger Bar reaches a level that is too low, then your life will decrease slowly until it finally dies if you don't overcome it.

Keep the Hunger Bar level with enough food, then your character will get a buff that will increase speed by 5% and reduce energy consumption by 20%.

2. Weapons and Shields

In every survival game, the thing you have to do at the beginning of the game is to make weapons for future needs.

After you are introduced to how to assemble or 'craft', immediately make Mondragon Rifle weapons. This weapon is very useful for attacking enemies from a safe distance.

Not only that, weapons raft and collect bullets to taste. Then, you can assemble special weapons or shields that can later be used for certain activities.

Don't assemble weapons carelessly, use each ingredient efficiently. Many players failed in the middle of the game due to lack of weapon preparation, shielding, and healing items.

3. Follow the Event and Training

Follow the event and training quest to get money, strong weapons, and skill points. This is important to strengthen your character.

The fastest way to become strong is to take part in events and complete quests. You will develop quickly and get weapons and new skills from events and quests.

The event will continue to change, you can see the available events through the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Leave the Best Weapons for Quest

The strongest weapon you can get from a loot, event, or quest is not used carelessly. Use it when you have a difficult quest.

Weapons such as Uzi will be difficult to reassemble, so use this weapon only if needed. While for normal activities you can use ordinary weapons.

5. Retrieve Items After Death

If you die while on the way to boot, all the equipment you carry will fall. You can take it back.

However, you must immediately return to the location where you died. Because other players can take it. You can see the specific position of your equipment in the map.

6. Play with Friends

Last is playing with friends. Maybe this is trivial, but you can develop quickly if you play with friends.

You don't have to invite your friends to play, because you can meet new friends in the game. By playing together, the opportunity to win in an event or quest will be greater.

The final word

That is a brief LifeAfter review and playing tips so that you become the best. Have you tried the game yet, gang?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!