Tips for Playing Survival Games

Survival genre games usually look interesting. But, this game is not easy to play. We are challenged to survive from zombies or other creatures. The food and equipment provided is also limited. We have to find a way to stay alive somewhere. Survival genre games usually have only a few characters / players that make us difficult because there are not many friends.

We also do not have a permanent place to live, where we can inhabit zombies or other creatures, so we have to move so we can live. Because the equipment provided is limited in survival games there is usually a crafting feature. We have to collect the items needed so that we can craft new items. If our food supplies run out, we usually have to look for food by hunting or collecting food scraps. Here are tips on playing survival games:

1. Collect food, equipment, and weapons

At the beginning of the game, there are usually a lot of food, equipment and weapons around us. We have to take and carry as much as possible, if our inventory is full, look for important items and leave items that you don't think are important. If we do not bring any of these items and leave the place immediately to find a place to live, then we will have difficulty if we are starving or there are zombies or other creatures attacking.

2. Make or find a place to live

After we bring these items we have to find or make a place to live. If we are looking for a place to live, we should look for a place that is close to water sources and forests, and find a place that is closed like a cave. Because usually in that place there are lots of animals so we can hunt them. If in urban areas, we can look for people's homes that are not inhabited by zombies or other creatures and if there is one we can find houses that have humans that we can make partners. If we make a place to live, we also have to find a place with lots of trees and close to water sources. Because to make a house, we usually need wood, and we can cut down trees.

3. Crafting

Next is crafting, why crafting? Usually the items we use will be damaged, like axes, so we have to make axes from stone and wood or something else. Crafting also provides new things that make it easier for us to survive. Like crafting weapons and traps. Although simple but very useful. Like crafting arrows from rope and wood, these arrows make it easier for us to hunt animals or kill zombies or other creatures. If we don't bother to shoot, we can make traps for animals or kill zombies or other creatures. Very useful right?

4. Start killing zombies or other creatures

After the inventory is enough to start attacking zombies or other creatures we can kill zombies or other creatures. It can be started by attacking the area around the residence, then attacking the base or where zombies or other creatures live. By starting to kill zombies or other creatures little by little, we can reduce the population. So that we will not be attacked in a very large number, and we will not be difficult to deal with the attack.

5. Carry out a mission, explore the island or place that we occupy.

If this survival game is full version, we can start the mission given. But if it's still early access, there is usually no mission and we are only challenged to survive as long as possible. By exploring the island or place we live in we can find new things, such as headquarters or zombies or other creatures, new dwellings, water sources, and others.