Recommended Apex Legends Weapon Combinations

The weapon in the Apex Legends game is one of the main factors in the key to victory.
The name Apex Legends has explored the world of gaming worldwide. This game with battle royal genre is able to attract the attention of all players throughout the world.

In the Apex Legends game there are various types of weapons that can make players who are just starting to play confused. Previously we also made an article for a list of Apex Legends weapons.

Apex Legends uses 2 weapons in its battle, namely Main Weapon & Secondary Weapon. The weapon you use will affect the way the game is and your key to victory. Regarding this issue we from our team will share a little info on the Recommendations for Combination of Primary and Secondary Weapons.

Wingman & Peacekeeper

This combination of weapons for Aggressive and Close Combat games. This combination of weapons need not be doubted for the damage produced from these two weapons. Wingman weapons are able to conquer enemies with only 3 shots in white level level armor, or with 2 shots aimed at the head with white level armor.

When entering the end game period, with multiple shots and using Wingman weapons or 1 shot on the head it can destroy the armor with the enemy purple level, after the enemy armor is destroyed you can use Peacekeeper weapons as the finishing stage.

Wingman weapons include weapons that are a little difficult to use. So make sure you understand correctly and master the use of Wingman weapons. You can try both of these weapons in training mode.

R-301 / R-99 & Peacekeeper

This combination of weapons is for Mid Range and Close Combat games. The combination of these two weapons is very often used by players, because this combination of weapons is very balanced.
With a combination like this, you are able to play a strategy by keeping a distance from the enemy while taking refuge somewhere that can help you. In one situation, you can immediately ambush the enemy and kill him with a Peacekeeper.

Spitfire & Peacekeeper

This combination of weapons for game Spammer and Mid Range. As discussed by spammers, Spitfire weapons have mags that hold lots of bullets. You can shoot continuously longer before reloading. Regarding this, you attract the attention of the enemy so that your team mates have time to flank towards the enemy.

Peacekeeper weapons as optional when you are in close combat, Peacekeepers can be used as finishing in close combat.

Longbow & R-301 / R-90 / Peacekeeper

This combination of weapons is for Mid Range and Long Range games. This combination of weapons is perfect for those who like to play from a distance. Damage that is quite painful is produced from the Longbow, especially if skullpiercer hop-ups and head shots are installed.

For games that are a little more aggressive, this combination is also still worth using. Secondary weapons are optional, you can use Peacekeepers to close combat or maybe other weapons according to your playing style.