Mysterious Location of Nessie Easter Egg Apex Legends

Nessy does not only appear in Apex Legends. Nessy can also be found in the game Titanfall.

Respawn Entertainment always slips the Easter Egg in its game, Easter Egg is not the first thing in the Apex Legends game. In the game Titanfall and also Titanfall 2, features like this can be found.

In Apex Legends the Nessy Easter Egg dolls are scattered in several locations. Nessie will change big if the player is able to find and destroy all Nessy dolls in this game.

Nessy Easter Egg Apex Legends location.

Location 1: Cascade Pond

The first location is located in a pool southwest of Cascade. Walk a little north of Respawn Beacon.

Location 2: Pool under Skull Town's skull

The second location is located in the eastern part of Skull Town, located below the skull bones of Leviathan.

Location 3: Under the Pipe Slum Lake.

The third location is located on the west at Slum Lake. It is located under a large pipe that is swimming in the water.

Location 4: Waterfall Relay

The fourth location is located west of Waterfall Relay. Located near Respawn Beacon around the Relay, right above the map.

Location 5: Water Treatment

The fifth location is located west of the Water Treatment.

Location 6: Lake Runoff

The sixth location is located near the Respawn Beacon a lake east of Runoff.

Location 7: Wetlands Falls

The seventh location is located under a waterfall, there is a small gap between the big cliffs that separates the Wetlands from Swamp.

Location 8: Hydro Dam Cottage

The eighth location is located east of Hydro Dam. The location of this nessy doll is in the cottage west of Beacon.

Location 9: River Bunker Edge

The location of the temple is located in a riverfront cottage south of the Bunker.

Location 10: Swamp Waterfall

The tenth location is in a rock located at the east end of the map, in the middle of the Swamp.