List of Apex Legends characters along with their Abilities Skills

Playing Apex Legends must know every character you play every day.

Who is the Best Character of Apex Legends? Indeed they are all. Each character has different abilities. Each has a different way of fighting. There are 8 characters from the Apex Legends Game for now, every time you start a game you can choose one of the available characters.

We will try to discuss each of the Characters contained in Apex Legends. Choose the choice of the Hero with the best ability according to your playing style.

Bangalore - Professional Soldier

Bangalore is a reliable soldier who has been trained in war. He was equipped with Tactical Ability which is Smoke Grenade which can provide damage to the enemy, and also emit a large wall of smoke simultaneously. The skills that can be found there can be used to bombard enemies and disrupt enemy views. You can also use the crime in front of you to get a protection in your movements. The enemy will be disturbed by 2 feet in front of them.

Himself is also equipped with passive abilty namely Double Time, which will make him shoot enemies faster when running. This Abilty is not a small increase, it will move like a DC character, The Flash.

And finally he is equipped with his ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder. This abilty will bring up a series of missiles that will drop from the sky right where they put the flare, but require the duration to explode so that the enemy gets a slight chance to dodge.

Bloodhound - Technological Tracker

Bloodhound has a nickname as a technological tracker. He has Tactical Ability, Eye of the Allfather. Abilty can issue a short wave that allows you to track the location of enemies around it. It is not effective for large areas, but its abilty will be very useful for tracking enemy positions while hiding in a building.

The passive abilty is Tracker, as with tactical skills it has. And the last ultimate ability is Beast of the Hunt, where the ultimate skill can increase their speed for 35 seconds in their tracking and their vision will change to monochrome. All enemy steps will be highlighted with red. The Bloodhound will turn into a predator when in Beast of the Hunt mode. But when not in that mode, Bloodhunt can identify objects that have been looted.

Caustic - Toxic Trapper

Caustic with the nickname Toxic Trapper, he is the first hero of two hero lengends that was locked at the beginning of this game. You must collect Legend Tokens or issue your real money to get him. Caustic will take you all about poison gas.

Tactical Abilty Caustic namely Nox Gas Trap, where he can throw traps with a distance of a few feet in front of you. When there is an enemy running near him, poison gas will be spread towards the enemy and cause damage to the enemy affected by the poison around him. But the trap is easily visible and shot, because the trap is very protruding from the ground.

Caustic has Passive Abilty namely Nox Vision, this Nox vision will be useful when there are enemies who roam through gas. And for the Ultimate Skill is the Nox Gas Grenade, where Caustic will throw a grenade but the area covered by the grenade is much larger.

Gibraltar - Shielded Fortress

In accordance with another name Gibraltar, namely Shielded Fortress, he is a symbol of defense or a tank. Although Core Health in this game in each character is the same, but its ability is based on a shield that is able to protect itself.

Tactical Abilty is Dome of Protection, where you will have a safe place where you cannot be shot at by enemies, but you also cannot shoot at enemies. You have to get out of the big bubble if you want to shoot the enemy.

Besides that, he is also protected by Passive Abilty, namely the Gun Shield. this ability gives a shield to you, your head cannot be shot when you are in sight, unless the enemy is behind you. A protective shield will automatically appear to protect the face of Gibraltar when he is aiming, and this is very helpful beyond expectations. And his Ultimate Ability is a Defensive Bombardment, where he will have the ability to make a carpet bomb to cover the area with the explosion.

Lifeline - Combat Medic

From the character of Apex Legends which leads to combat combat, Lifeline is one of the characters with the Combat Medic, He is the rescue team with his healing abilities. With its Tactical Ability, D.O.C Heal Drone, by throwing it down and a teammate you can gather to recover blood, almost like Cozy Campfire in the Fortnite game.

Passive Combat Medic abilities, where Lifeline is able to revive your team mates faster in a knocked down state when a protective wall is installed for protection. And he was also able to use healing items 25% faster.

The Ultimate Abilty is Care Package which is very useful if your team has just won from a fight. A full container with high quality defensive equipment.

Mirage - Holographic Trickster

Mirage with the designation name Holographic Trickster is a character where you have to spend some of your real money to get this character or by collecting Legend Tokens. But this character is very feasible for those of you who play with play styles like fooling your opponents and playing quietly.

When he is dropped, a holographic from him will automatically be deployed and Mirage will hide for 5 seconds. His Tactical Abilty is Psyche Out, where he sends a floor that runs wherever he sees, which is able to make enemies confuse in the battle. With the ability of Passive Abilty, namely Encore!

Ultimate Ability is the Vanishing Act, where the ability to deploy a group of bait to distract the enemy when he is hiding. Unfortunately the denak only stands in a circle rather than running and doing something. But they are also useful. Combining Mirage when he is hiding with Wraith's Dimensional Rift can be deadly and it is a very effective way to escape from ambushes from nearby enemies.

Pathfinder - Forward Scout

Do you still remember BT-7274 from Titanfall2? Pathfinder with another name is Forward Scout. With the Tactital Ability it has, namely Grappling Hook, where the range is not too long, but can be useful for scaling stones and buildings to get a higher point of view.

He was also given his Passive Ability, namely Insider Knowledge, where he can interact with one of the many fire towers in the map. You can reach the next arena and claim a spot to survive.

With the Ultimate Ability it has, namely Zipline Gun, Pathfinder can also help his team mates. Just like the zipline in the map, and this is a permanent fixture.

Wraith - Interdimensional Skirmisher

Until now Wraith is the most popular character because of its invisibility. As the name Interdimensional Skirmisher, he was awarded Tactical Ability, Into the Void, which was able to make himself invisible for a few seconds. But it still has a trail that follows it so the enemy can guess your location but doesn't know exactly.

He was also awarded with Passive Ability, Voices from the Void, where he would get a warning of danger around him from a voice that did not know its origin. This really helps you to gain excellence.

And its Ultimate Ability, Dimensional Rift, Wraith is able to put two portals that are connected to each other, and anyone can use them. If you are an expert in creating hidden portals it is very effective to enter and exit the battlefield when you need time for healing. But the portal can only last for 1 minute.

That's the Eight Character of Apex Legends for now, Kira - suppose which character is stronger? Which characters are more suitable to use? Which character is your favorite in this battle? Your answer share is commented.