LifeAfter Tutorial : How to Steal in Camp Other People Without Being Found

Life After is a multiplayer survival game that requires us to survive in a dangerous forest. In this game we can do many things for survival. Starting from hunting, mining, cutting wood, gardening, building houses, even buying and selling with other players.

What's interesting about this game is that there is a mode that allows us to become thieves and steal the contents of other players' homes. What are we looking for in the house? what we are looking for are items that they have collected and stored in the house.

Well, to be able to steal at home or camp other people without getting caught, of course, requires mature tools and strategies, because being a thief is very risky. If we are caught and caught by the homeowner or his camp mate, we must be ready to die.

Before starting, we need to emphasize that this tutorial is only intended for education and experiments. It is not recommended to do it continuously, because being a victim of theft is very painful.

1. Preparations and Tools Needed

The first thing we have to do before stealing in someone else's camp is to prepare a strategy and equipment to be used. For the equipment you can buy an NPC named Jude (at Camp).

There are several items available that make it easy for us to take action, some of which are anchors, Manor Battery, Manor Detector Battery, Mailbox key, Vault key. Each has a different function, please buy according to your needs.

Besides that we also have to prepare pretty good weapons, lots of bullets, enough blood supply. This is very important because we might be caught by the owner of a house or neighbor in their camp, and we must be prepared to fight it.

2. Go to Other People's Camp

To get to someone else's camp we have to use a helicopter. For that we just go to the helicopter in the camp. Then select War Zone -> Turbulent City -> then press Proceed.

In Turbulent City mode we will be taken to the enemy camp randomly and we will not know the name of the person found there or the name of the camp. But if they meet an enemy, they can see what our name is and where our camp comes from.

3. Choosing a Target House

Well, after arriving there we have to find a house that has weak buildings and weak defenses too so that later we can easily destroy the walls or other parts so that we can enter the house. Before entering into a home garden, we should first look at the situation around, whether there are people or not.

4. Starting Action

After finding the target house, then we will enter through the gate by firing on the door until it breaks. When shooting a door or a wall, we have to keep our distance from the object, if we get too close we will get quite a lot of damage.

After successfully entering the home garden, immediately find a part of the house that is roughly easy to destroy using weapons.

After entering the house, please look for a closet or locker to store items, then shoot the cupboard to shred, so that the items can be taken.

If the item obtained is considered sufficient, immediately go home using a helicopter.

Well, that's a tutorial on how to steal at someone else's camp in the Life After game. This tutorial is made for experimental purposes and knowledge only. So, with the Turbulent City mode, we are increasingly aware of the importance of the strength of the house and defense so that thieves cannot easily enter.