LifeAfter Cheat: An easy way to get unlimited gold!

In this guide, we'll go over seven easy ways to earn gold bars in LifeAfter. Let's start off with the first method.


All you have to do is go to your camp and check out one of the TVs, click on the shopping channel, and in the top right corner, you can go to the Trade City. If you don't in the camp, then go to Hope 101 and visit the market.

In the market, you can buy and trade items with other players. What you want to do is look for items and figure out how much the general going price is.

Once you do that, you start farming that item until you have a stockpile of it. In the video, Wood Cores shows it as an item but it can be done with any farmable item.

You started farming, you chose as well. If you are a logger then you definitely want to farm wood.

Once you’re done farming you can go to the manor and check your mailbox. The items you should have are waiting for you.

Then after that, you go back to the market and sell the items for gold bars. You just have a bit below it.

If you set your price, it will take you to get any buyers. Once you've sold your items your exchange prizes will be sent to your mailbox.


About every hour in certain zones there will be special events that take place. The event shown in the video is a Logger event where you have to knock down as many trees as possible.

You want to make sure you're equipped well before doing events. Make sure you have all the tools and food you need beforehand.

When you complete the event you will be rewarded with gold bars depending on how high you rank in the event. So if you’re really good at certain events and you can get the top ranking easily.


This sounds obvious but a lot of forget about daily missions people. You can play daily missions as different as soon as you unlock them.

You can get gold from every single zone in one day. So if you have five zones unlocked then you can get gold from daily missions five times.

Daily missions can vary between several things. From hunting animals and zombies to chopping trees or gathering stones.

And once you finished the last mission you will get five hundred gold bars.


If you open up the tablet you can see a section called Exploration. In this section, you will find areas and their exploration progress.

By exploring the areas you can obtain Gold Bars by completing different areas. There are different boxes in each area you have to find in the order to complete the exploration for each area.

The video above shows the needed boxes for completing Hope 101's exploration progress. When completed you can get 1000 gold bars.


Next method is to be in the patrol camp. In the camp, you can see the different types of missions.

You’re going for a camp patrol which is only available between 8-10PM. You can get a few gold bars from doing the patrol but mostly gold bars.

You have to kill zombies and make sure the camp is safe. You will be given three different tasks that you have to complete in order to complete the mission.

Before starting the patrol mission you can select a difficulty. The higher the difficulty you pick the more gold you can download.


All you have to do is open your tablet and scroll until you see Achievements. In there you can see the rewards you can get by completing achievements.

By doing these you can get gold bars. There are different achievements and some are more difficult than others.

It goes up in points and the more points you go the higher the rewards you're going to get.


If you click on the benefit icon, you will see the sign in rewards for each day. But on the left side, there is a tab for Formula R & D.

In this tab, you can see the benefits of the event. For this, you have complete solutions in order to obtain rewards from the event.

Always be sure to check for timed events and do them. You can get a decent chunks of gold this way.