Learn 2 ways to Improve Battle Mastery, Pet Management, Strategy and Tricks Guide to LifeAfter games

The Best LifeAfter Cheat Tips for Increasing Battle Mastery, Pet Management, Strategy and Tricks Guide.

Tip # 1: Fighting Mastery.

1. Camp Shooting Practice: Lots of Fighting Master rewards will be issued daily according to your total shooting score. You will get the best rewards when your total score is 500. (No Weapon Durability is lost when in shooting practice).

2. Rewards Quests: Get lots of Fighting Mastery rewards when you complete Quests daily wilderness maps. The results of each map will be calculated separately. Remember to finish the Reward Quests for each map.

3. Mystics Creatures: Get 5000 Fighting Masters the first time you kill a Mystic Creature on each map. You may also get advanced materials. Kill the Mystic Creator in a timely fashion when it re-spawns.

4. Stronghold Battle: When you satisfy the corresponding map conditions you will gain access to it's Stronghold Battle. You'll get Fighting Mastery when you kill lots of hostile creatures in the battle. In addition, Fighting Mastery rewards will be issued according to the difficulty after you finish the battle. You can take part in a Stronghold Battle on each map once per day.

5. University Univ .: Miska Univ. is a combat instance. You can get enough Fighting Mastery when you complete it.

6. Nancy City Control Battle: You can get tons of Fighting Mastery by fighting in Nancy City and completing its goals. (No Weapon Durability is lost when in Nancy City)

7. Infected Invasion: The Infected will pick a massive invasion of the Camp. At the time, the Camp will bear the costs of Weapon Wear, so Weapon Durability loss will be greatly reduced. Players can take this opportunity to kill more infected and increase their Fighting Mastery.

Tip # 2: Pet Management.

Survivors are able to gather efficiently, or keep their manors safe if they advantage of pet habits.

1. You can change the different dogs bonus different habits at Trainer Matilda in Hope.
For example, the Black back is a great search dog, you should watch dogs, and Labradors are good pack dogs.

2. Guard Dogs are responsible for guarding your Manor, search dogs automatically, and pack dogs, pick up items, help you hold items. You can view items from your search dog in your Travel Bag. Pack carried by survivors into the travel bag.

3. A pet's Fullness and Mood will impact their foraging skills. You can feed or increase their fullness and mood.