Interesting features in LifeAfter that you should know, MMORPG games on Android and iOS

The final LifeAfter mobile game was released in the South East Asia region, including in Indonesia and already using English.

Yep, before this zombie survival themed MMORPG game can only be played in China with Mandarin.

LifeAfter has gained recognition from the world because of its cool graphic display and exciting gameplay.

This game is set in the world after the doomsday that was built because of a virus outbreak and makes millions of people turn into zombies that attack anyone.

The players in this game are led to have to survive and cooperate with other players to survive the zombie attack.

Apart from presenting solo mode, LifeAfter also has a Multiplayer Collaboration feature that allows you to play with friends.

In addition, LifeAfter also has some interesting features that make the game even more exciting. What are the interesting features? See below.

1. Private Camps

In the world of LifeAfter you can create your own group or guild which can have a maximum of 80 people. Of course it will be very exciting if you can play with friends and create your own group.

This is what distinguishes LifeAfter from most Battle Royale, which only focus on survival mode, regardless of coordination or team work with each other.

2. Camps vs. Camps

In addition to focusing on killing the roaming zombies, you can also fight with other groups of humans to fight for territory.

Besides power, you will also get resources or natural resources to survive in LifeAfter World. It's really exciting.

3. Many reward quests

If you have completed the main quest or mission, you can take small quests to get attractive rewards such as new money and weapons that are different from the others. The more diligent, the more prizes you get.

LifeAfter can be played on Android and iOS devices by downloading it at this link.