How to Use the Teleport Feature in the Utopia game Utopia : Origin

How to Teleport in Utopia: Origin

In the Utopia : Origin provided a teleport feature where you can switch locations provided in the system.

Before you move using Teleport you must open all folders in the Map. Only the Map that has been opened with a yellow beacon image that you can teleport. If the Beacon is black or not open, then you cannot teleport there or you have to open it first by going to the beacon.

How to Teleport?

To teleport you are required to go to the closest beacon. What Is that a Beacon?

Beacon is a towering tower that is right in the position of a map with a tower.

Once you find Beacon you are required to point towards the Beacon Portal. To activate the teleport feature you must touch the Beacon Portal. When you are near the portal there will be a picture of the hand to touch the Portal.

When you touch the Portal, the Beacon Teleport option will appear. The teleport Beacon is used to move the location in the Beacon folder that has been opened or is yellow. The teleport can only be directed to a Beacon that is open or yellow, if the Beacon that is not yet active or black cannot move to the location there. You choose the Destination and if it is certain to teleport to the selected destination then you choose GO NOW.

Teleporting will be given free Teleport for 3 times in 1 day. If it has exceeded the 3x teleport limit, it will be subject to an ORB of 25 orb to move locations.

After all steps have been taken. You must wait for the action to move locations. A charge bar will appear Beacon teleport when you teleport. Do not move and wait for the charge Beacon teleport is complete then you will move by itself.