How To Sell In LifeAfter Games

Game LifeAfter, the best survival game on Android which will be the most popular game in 2019.

Unfortunately most people who play this game are not very good at speaking English. So there are a lot of misunderstandings even for the most basic things.

This time I will give tips on playing game life after for beginners who don't know how to get money in game life after getting rich quick.


You have to know, in this game life after there are 3 types of currencies that can be used.

Well, it's quite a lot, for currency size. Though usually there are only 2 types of currencies.

1. Sunflower Coins
The first currency is the currency that you can only get by top-up. That is exchanging real money from the real world into sunflower coins.

You can use these coins to buy various things, such as premium items that can only be bought using sunflower coins.

2. New Dollar
The second currency is, New Dollar. This currency is money that you can use to buy goods from NPC merchants (computers / not players).

The items offered are not too many but. There are some items that you can only buy using this New Dollar currency.

How to get it is also fairly easy. Kaian can get this money by selling items such as zombie blood or killing soldiers in farstar city.

3. Gold Bar
The last currency is the currency most needed by players. If converted 1 sunflower coin equals 100 Gold Bars.

What is this currency for?

There are so many functions. But the most important thing is to buy goods in the trading market of the players. Which offers a variety of items such as weapons, raw materials and armor

How do you get this money?

By selling goods in the trading market, game life after. That's why this article is made to provide tips for beginners who don't know how to sell on the market.


You have to know what items can be sold to this trading market. Don't arrive later after reading this article.

How come my item can't be sold?
How come this gun can't be sold?

Okay there are 2 conditions that the item can be sold or not. That is :

1. Goods must be above common
Are those ordinary items ?, ordinary items are items that can be easily obtained by all game life after players.

What are the common characteristics of items?

Characteristics, the baeang has a gray background. If the background is ayau green or even purple and yellow blue are items level, rare, unique, special etc.

2. Goods are still seals

If you sell these are weapons or used items such as bags, clothes, accessories or weapons. The requirement to sell this weapon is to still have a seal or it has never been used.

Usually if you are making a unique or rare weapon, there will be a lock icon to be sold to the market. If used or claimed, the lock will disappear. And goods can no longer be sold.

For raw goods or resources do not need to be still sealed because there is no such thing as used raw material used: 'v.


well, for those of you who don't know where or where you sell your goods. Then look at how to sell the tutorial in game life after the following:

1. Hope 101

Go to Hope 101, by helicopter from your home. Don't forget to bring the items you want to sell in the bag.

2. Vegetable shop

Go to the big vegetable shop, the place is on the left hand corner. Or in front of the mayor's house hope 101

3. Go to the table in front of the mothers

You can go directly to the vegetable table in the bloom of the mothers. The TRADE STALL icon will appear later.

Just click on the icon and wait for the tab window to appear.

4. Start Selling

If the tab appears, then. You will see several icons, first the Buy icon, which is where you can buy items from other players.

The second Notify icon, which is an icon that contains notifications about the transactions you are doing in this trading market.

And finally the sell column, this is where you can sell your merchandise bar. Just click the Sell icon and select the items you want to sell.

Note: selling merchandise in this market is taxed by the mayor. The amount of tax will increase depending on what price you sell and how much.

Oh yeah, merchandise here is also the cheapest and most expensive price, so you can't sell tree branches at a price of 1 million gold bars or sell them with just one gold bar.

If it's been sold how do we know if the item is sold?

The items you trade on the market will be sold within 2 days. And if the item does not sell within the 2 day period. Then the item will expire and there is notice in the mailbox or mailbox on the edge of the house.

If your items have been sold, there will be a gold bar shipment via the mailbox / mailbox in your home.