How to Move Servers in LifeAfter

To be able to move servers, the first thing you have to do is find out which server you are in now. You can find out the server by logging into the game then checking in the main screen that appears, SEA Server or NA Server.

How to Move Servers

After knowing which server you are in and you still want to move the server, enter the Settings on the Smartphone then select Language and Input.

Select the language you want (the language of the country in the SEA region or Southeast Asia region if you want to enter the SEA server). Some examples of countries in the SEA region are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and so on.

After you have done the above settings, enter the LifeAfter game, then on the login page you will see the SEA Server option.

To re-select NA Server, change the choice of language to English (US), then you will see the NA Server option on the LifeAfter login page.