Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 5 LifeAfter Part 1

In this Chapter 5 LifeAfter Walkthrough, you will learn everything in detail and how to do things quickly.

In the previous post, we have shared the steps of the previous chapter (chapters 1-4) on this site. For other details, you can use the search box (at the top right of this post); just type chapter 1 or 4 and press the search button to get everything we have posted so far in this game. So let's start: LifeAfter: Chapter 5 is quite easy to solve compared to the previous chapter. Chapter 5 has four parts; Increase Manor, Mt. Snow, Advanced Profession, and Back to Mt. Snow.

LifeAfter Chapter 5 Walkthrough Part 1 - Upgrade the Manor.

Quest 1.) Upgrade your talents to level 30

In this quest, you need to reach level 30 in all talents; gathering, combat and crafting. To reach this milestone fast, I would recommend completing all the quests for each map and must complete all the duty quests.

The upgrading of combat and crafting talent is quite easy as you can get combat combat mastery and crafting mastery from Nancy City, Miska, Strongholds, and more. But for gathering mastery, I would recommend hemp / wood / stones grinding and fish to obtain special items.

You can give these special items to the NPCs and earn an amount of gathering mastery. Talk to the NPCs in each map; get the film (read the film details - click the picture to get mastery points), get the random quest - complete to get mastery points.

Quest 2.) Upgrade manor to level 7

After reaching level 30 in all talents, you can upgrade the manor to level 7 in the LifeAfter game. You need brick (craft in material bench - 30), granite (buy from the furniture store NPC), cement (craft in material bench), hard aluminum alloy (gear workstation).

Quest 3.) Make Steel axe and Steel Pickaxe

These two gathering tools unlock when you upgrade the basic mining talent to level 4. Tap the first talent icon in logging / mining row -> upgrade. Once you are on level 4 logging / mining, you can craft Steel AX and Steel Pickaxe. Tap the make option -> scroll down until you find Steel AXE / Pickaxe option. Once found, tap it and craft. You need wood (480), stone (120), iron ore (3) to craft Steel AXE and Steel Pickaxe in Life After.

Quest 4.) Take the snow mount helicopter

Mount Snow is quite a good place in LifeAfter. One thing I would like to say is that the cave takes you to the snow area. In that area, you can find cave mushroom and brood. You will often get these quests in Mount Snow. See the below picture to check the Cave Entrance. Brood - Brood is the spider in the cave. You may need to take pictures of Cave Mushroom or Brood in some of the Mount Snow Quests in Life After.

Quest 5.) Complete Mount Snow Resource Points

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