Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 5 LifeAfter Part 3 & 4

In this Chapter 5 Part 3 and 4 LifeAfter Walkthrough, you will learn everything in detail and how to do things quickly.

LifeAfter: Chapter 5 - Part III - Snowy Mountain Adventure

Quest 1.) Make Level 4 Enhancement

You can make level 4 enhancement at manor level 7. Go to the material bench -> craft -> search for the level 4 enhancement -> craft.

Quest 2.) Make Steel

Steel also get available at Manor Level 7. You can craft it using the material bench.

Quest 3.) Make Wardrobe

Material bench -> furniture -> wardrobe -> craft.

Quest 4.) Make MP5 SMG or AK47

MP5 SMG is available at level 7 and for AK47 manor, you need to fuse shards (Fusion III). So better go with MP5 if you don't have AK47 (it's the only choice left though). To craft MP5, you need steel pipes, polyester cloth, polymer, plastic, iron casting. Steel Pipe - Gun Makers can craft this item, other players need to buy from the trade city. For polyester cloth, you need Jute Leaf, Flax Leaf, Broadleaf, Jute Stem. Jute Leaf - Gather hemp in mount snow. Flax Leaf - From Mouth Swamp / Snow Highlands. Broadleaf - Logger can gather it after advancing the profession to tier-III (Talk to Jessica -> promote cert -> III). After promoting, tap the home button -> abilities -> tap the eye next to the profession -> activate the Logger III talent; broadleaf (process with other profession players). Jute Stem - Hemp Pickers can gather it after promoting the cert and activating the corresponding talent. Other players need to buy from the trade city / hope 101.

I would recommend participating in the Camp Boss battle for polyester cloth and steel.

Quest 5.) Find Jessica and promote cert

You can find Jessica in Camp’s City hall or in Hope 101, the In commerce bureau. Talk to her and choose to promote.

Bonus :

LifeAfter: Chapter 5 - Part IV - Back To Mt. Snow

Quest 1.) Defeat the infected (20)

Already discussed in the above part.

Quest 2.) Defeat imperial soldiers (20)

Already discussed in the above part

Quest 3.) Unlock Chest

Already discussed in the above part

Quest 4.) Complete Mouth Swamp Stronghold

Mouth swamp and team up with friends or other players. You can exchange the Swamp Feat points for a bunch of rewards including RSS, treasure maps - trade with the merchant near stronghold points.

Quest 5.) Defeat The Mystic Creature In Snow

Tap the daily option on the top of the game screen -> more schedules -> snow highlands -> here you can see the Mystic Creature event.

So this is the full LifeAfter chapter 5 part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 walkthrough. If you have any questions, comment below.