Cheats, Guide,Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 5 LifeAfter Part 2

In this Chapter 5 Part 2 LifeAfter Walkthrough, you will learn everything in detail and how to do things quickly.

LifeAfter: Chapter 5 Part II - Hello Mount Snow

Quest 1.) Hunt Animals

In LifeAfter’s Mount Snow map, you can find the animals in Hillside. I would recommend using UZI (with mods) to kill animals. I don't waste my MP5 / UMP9 on these RSS points quest. So I would recommend following my method; use UZI or bow if you don't want to lose durability of the guns.

Quest 2.) Gather Jute Leaf, Copper Ore, Boxwood

Use Steelaxe or Steep Pickaxe for quarrying and chopping. You can get copper ore by quarrying and boxwood, by chopping the trees. For Jute Leaf, keep gathering the hemp.

Quest 3.) Defeat Infected (10)

You can find in mount snow in zombies (on roads). Make sure to keep an eye on land mines. I would recommend taking the help of a friend or use UMP9 / MP5 for this quest.

Quest 4.) Defeat Imperial Soldiers

You can find the imperial soldiers in the snow area. Better go with common ammo boxes, bandages, eat combat food (check the recipes here). Also, go with a friend.

Quest 5.) Unlock Chest

You can find the mountains in the snow area.