Apex Legend Tips & Tricks Play with Lifeline Legends

Legend Lifeline in Apex Legends is a character needed in a team.

Lifeline or another name Combat Medic, is a legendary character in Apex Legends that has support tactics for its team members.


For those of you Apex Legends players who prefer to play with the Lifeline role support class are perfect for your type of play. Lifeline can be the key to victory in a team. His ability is useful to support all members of his team, it can even accelerate the duration of time to revive his team mates. The most important and very useful thing from Lifeline is that it is able to bring down a care package where it can contain armor and defensive tools that are very useful for the team.

Passive Ability: Combat Medic
This capability can accelerate the duration of time when recovering or reviewing faster by 25%.

Besides that, a drone will also protect the lifeline from enemy attacks while healing or revitalizing. Without any worry or disturbance Lifeline can always review the team friends who need their help.

Tactical Ability: D.O.C Heal Drone
This ability will make Lifeline able to issue a Drone that is able to heal or restore the HP Lifeline and his teammates when they stand near the area of ​​the drone.

With Notes where this Drone lasts for only 20 seconds, and is able to recover 5 HP per second.

This ability is very useful when in hiding and all teams are dying, within 20 seconds your cellphone has recovered by 100, and is ready to enter the battlefield again.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package
This ability that is most needed by each team member is even Lifeline itself. This ability will reduce a water drop, which in the water drop will contain items that are very useful. The items contained in the Airdrop include Defensive Items, Armor, healing items, attachments.

This ability is required by users to issue it as soon as possible. Because this will be very good when you get the desired item faster.

There is a note for this ability. Where this ability requires a Charge time of 360 seconds, and the time to land for 15 seconds.


If you are a person who is able to master the path of the game as a Lifeline you will greatly contribute to your team. The game in your team will last a long time, where when in the middle of a battle, you are able to continuously heal your team with your ability drone with the right timing and the right timing. As a Lifeline you are wanted to not aim for a Kill or anything. As a Lifeline you will play as a support that is the soul of a Lifeline of every ability you have.

Lifeline ability that reduces RNG on the battlefield, makes itself a savior at the crucial moment.

Tips & Tricks Play as Lifeline

• Positioned on the back line

Lifeline's task is as a support which will keep the team mates alive, and also review team friends when in knock down status. Lifeline is required to be positioned in the back line where the last member will enter the combat arena. When team members begin to fall, Lifeline must be alert to review and provide heal support.

Use a weapon that is comfortable in your main weapon, and ready for 1 remote weapon slot like G7 Scout or maybe Triple Threat to take care of your team and be on guard.

• Don't be shy to ask the team for the ultimate accelerant

The Ultimate Ability Lifeline can reduce the element of RNG in the Apex Legend game, this ability is very useful when able to be used faster. If you play with your friends, this does not burden you to ask for the entire Ultimate Accelerant that your friends get.

But this is also very common, some players already understand this condition when you use the ping system to request acceleration. the accelerant you have can lower Care Package as soon as possible to provide good items for you and your friends early.

• Care Package function

The Ultimate Ability Lifeline has many functions in this game. Not only providing support items such as defensive items, armor, healing items, attachments to your team. With this ability you can also use it to trap the enemy by lowering the water drop into a predetermined area, with this you will give an opportunity to your team who has the ability to use sniper weapons to be ready to fire on their enemies.

In this condition you can get more items, because from your team you are able to kill enemies who are trapped in this situation. But you must prepare the situation when using this method. Because if you don't succeed in killing the enemy, you will lose your water drop. But if you succeed, then you are likely to get better results from dropping the enemy you managed to kill.

• Situation needs to be considered when helping the team

As a Lifeline you are indeed assigned to help your team. Your passive ability really helps you when you are reviving your friend. But you have to master the situation where when your team needs your help and there are your enemies. You must be able to predict the situation and choose between helping or attacking the enemy first.

Every situation taken will be the key to your victory. When you are healing / awakening your friend in knock down status, it becomes one point against the enemy to get ready to fire at you by waiting for the arrival of their team.

Lifeline is required to be the last member to die, so you must master reading every movement and condition and also hiding. Your distance to your team mates is not so far away, so that it is easier for you to help your friends.