What are the Functions and Uses of Each Attachment in the Apex Legends Game

Modifications, the performance of Apex Legends weapons all depends on the attachment obtained.

What are the Functions and Uses of Each Attachment in the Apex Legends Game

Attachments are weapons used to increase weapon performance such as mixing existing weapons with some additional tools. This attachment in the Apex Legends game is different from other Battle Royale games. In Apex Legends attachments are very useful to change the way the weapon works and change the way the user plays.

The attachment also has a level of each that is distinguished by four colors, namely white, blue, purple, gold.

This time we will share a little info about the attacment contained in Apex Legends.

* Scope

Scope names are very common in the Battle Royale game. In general, the Scope is known as a viewfinder lens that is attached to a weapon to see and connect the enemy from far away. Scopes on Apex Legends are of two types, namely scope close range which can be used on all weapons; and one more is a scope sniper which can only be used for Sniper Rifles.

Level scope is not very important in this case, because sometimes the scope with level 1 is more useful than scope level 3 specifically for Shotgun weapons. This Scope level also does not significantly affect weapon performance. But on Digital Threat, the Scope level shows the zoom level of the scope that is owned.

* Stock

The stock referred to in Apex Lelgends functions as a stabilizer. Stock serves to stabilize shots when using Aim Down Sight (ADS). Similar to Scope, Stock has 2 types, namely, Standard Stock and Sniper Stock.

Stock can also help you to get rid of weapons faster. Stock Level distinguishes weapon firing stability and speed of weapon release. This attachment is very important in AR, SMG and LMG weapons.

* Barrel

The Barrel function in Apex Legends, which reduces recoil during shots, is the same as with the PUBG game compensator. The higher the level of the Barrel, the smaller the recoil of the weapon so that it can make a shot without fearing the shot missed.

In the gold color level, Barrel can also reduce the splash of your shot which usually covers the view when menmbak. Spitfire weapons, Hemlok and Devotion really need this barrel because these 3 weapons have a very large recoil.

* Shotgun Belts

As with the name listed, Bolt Shotgun. This attachment is needed by users of Shotgun Rifle. This bold shotgun serves to make shots faster and drop the enemy faster. The higher the attachment attaches, the faster the shot will result from your Shotgun.

Peacekeeper is one of the shotgun weapons that really needs this attachment. Where Peacekeepers use the pump system so that it takes longer than other shotguns to prepare each shot. This Bolt Shotgun will help to accelerate the duration and make you lead close combat.

* Extended Magazine

This attachment is a common item contained in the game in weapon modification. Extended Magazine provides additional bullets to shoot in your weapons. The higher the attachment level the greater the number of bullets in a weapon.

Extended Magazine also helps to accelerate the duration of weapon reloading. This attachment is a priority thing that must be sought. Only Heavy and Light Ammo users are capable of using Extended Magazine.

* Hop-Ups

Hop-Up is an attachment which can change the way your weapon works. There are 3 types of Hop-Ups in Apex Legends for now, including:

1. Selectfire which is used for Prowler and        Havoc Rifle weapons.
2. The turbocharger is used for Devotion          weapons and also the Rifle Havoc.
3. Skullpiercer which is used for Wingman      and Longbow weapons.
4. Precision Choke which is used for                    Peacekeeper weapons and also Triple            Take.

With this Hop-Up you will find a maximum potential for your weapons work and how to play for this weapon.