Tutorial LifeAfter How to make Repair Bench Facility

How to make a Repair Bench Facility.

Repair Bench in LifeAfter game includes very useful facilities.

Repair Bench in LifeAfter can help you repair / empower your equipment. Here we will share info to create a Repair Bench Facility.

To make Repair Bench in LifeAfter games you need several ingredients. The material needed to make Repair Bench is 600 x wood, and 4 x Iron Ore.

Wood you can get from cutting down trees / trees and Iron Ore you can get from destroying Rocks.

After enough to collect the material, you can go to Town Hall Hope 101, and visit the shop furniture. In the Funiture Shop, there will be a funiture maker, interact with the funiture maker and choose Craft. After that you can choose Repair Bench from the options, because this article will discuss Repair Bench. In making this Repair Bench, it will take 10 minutes of manufacturing time. After finishing, the repair bench will be sent automatically from the system to the mailbox that is located in the dekta of your home.

Here we will discuss how to make Repair Bench

Visit the Hope Hall Town 101

The first thing you have to do after collecting materials is to go to Hope 101. You can use a helicopter that is in the development zone to visit Hope 101.

When you arrive at Hope 101, you can go to the Funiture Store by opening a mini-map and visiting the furniture store. The furniture store will be marked with a hammer icon in the mini-map.

Enter the furniture store. A choice of furniture maker will appear in your screen. Click the Craft button> select repair bench from the list provided then select> Craft.

The duration of time needed to make Repair Bench is 10 minutes, wait 10 minutes and return to your house when it's finished. Repair Bench will be sent to the mailbox near your home. You can take Repair Bench in your home mailbox.

After you finish taking a bench repair you can go into the house and put a bench repair into your home.

Repair Bench LifeAfter> Fix, Dismantle, Empower, Extract

Repair Bench in the LifeAfter game will provide functions to Craft, dismantle, empower, and also extract.

Fix → Durability on your device will decrease automatically every time you use it. For example armor, Gun, Melee Weapons, and also Tools. Durabilty on your tool will be displayed with an orange gauge under your tool. If the durability of your tool has reached 0, then it will disappear.

Here you can repair your tool using a new dollar. But not all items can be repaired. You can click on the icon (i) to get more details.

Dismantle → In this option, you will damage the items to be selected and provide ingredients.

Empower → You can add special effects to your tool. Select the desired item and then click the + button> select empowerment effect> click the empowerment button.
to empower you need empowerment points that you can get from Extracting items.

Extraction → In this option, you can extract items to collect the empowerment points discussed in Empower before.