Tutorial Complete Tips & Tricks for Playing LifeAfter

LifeAfter has gameplay that you can choose according to how you play.

Many questions arise What is the purpose of playing LifeAfter? What is done in this game? Everything depends on the choice of your own game. Many things you can do in this game, Pvp Nancy City Battles, Miscellaneous Quests, Bossing, Events, Newbie Quests up to 5 Chapter, and many more.

In this LifeAfter game you can play alone or with your friends. Here we will provide Tips & Tricks that you must know in playing LifeAfter.

Tips & Tricks to Play Life After

► Use Skill Points correctly
At the beginning of the game, everything looks very safe. But when you are in a higher level process, something different will look. As you know to upgrade your abilities, you will use new dollars and skill points. At the beginning of the game it was very cheap and didn't feel heavy. The higher your level the price needed will increase.

Here you should use your skill points right from the beginning of the game. Because each ability will affect your game.

For example, to open tools with level 4 you need 14,000 - 15,000 skill points. These tools are very necessary and useful when you are collecting secondary resources in areas with high levels of difficulty. You have to unlock the ability as soon as possible. But for this you have to upgrade your abilities correctly.

You can note the information that will appear on your skill when you press the skill icon. Make sure you read it to find out the usefulness of the skill.

Don't waste your material resources at the Sandcastle Boss
There are 2 recorded locations where the Myctic Creature Life After will appear, namely SandCastle and Autumn Forest. The boss in Autumn Forest was weaker than the Boss who was at Sandcastle. We advise you to hunt bosses in Autumn Forest. You don't need to waste your resources just to fight Sandcastle Boss. His cellphone will tie in gradually, and is also stronger than Boss Autumn Forest. Not to mention the arrival of sandstorm which destroys everything.

Talk to the NPCs
If you notice the mini-map display there will be a blue dot that shows the location of the NPCs. Talk to the NPCs every day and they might be able to give you a decent gift like a treasure map, rare items, new dollars, and much more.

Complete Newbie Quests
In this LifeAfter game, Newbie Quests are very important and it is highly recommended to follow the process and solve it. You can get useful gifts from completing each quest.

Always prepare the Ammo Box, and also Bandage on Miska
Miska University is a hell game mode given to LifeAfter. In this game mode you will face a group of zombies who will be ready to kill you without fear. Before you enter this games mode, make sure you have prepared the ammo box, as well as health packs.

Bounty Quest
This Bounty Quest is a quest that you must do every day. In this quest will give you skill points that help you speed up to increase your abilities level. You can get these quests by going to home point and going towards the quuest board to accept the quest.

Complete Furniture Event Quest Every Day
In the city of Hope 101, there will be an event furniture that provides luxurious drumstick meal prizes. Where this food can restore your vigor. Make sure you follow and complete this event for every day. Pay attention to the Event schedule, because this event is given a schedule in playing.

Sell useless items to NPC traders
If you want an additional new dollar, you can sell some items to NPC traders. Items that you can sell like zombie blood, certificate, old currency, rusty keys, etc.
You can go to the city of Hope 101 and go to NPC shops like weapons, armor, etc. to sell these items.

Choose Your Cert Professional Job Correctly
In LifeAfter games you will be required to choose one of your Job Professional Cert from 9 choices. You can choose according to your wishes, if you want to find money you can take job gather, namely, lumberjack, miner, and hemp picker. Job Firearms Maker, Armorer can also make you a lot of money.

For the discussion of this Professional Cert, all Job actually has its own advantages. The recommended Job Professional Cert is Gathering, Firearms, Armorer.

But this Job Professional Cert will judge your game later. But you can replace this Professional Cert using a sun coin that requires you to Top UP.

Participation in Time Limited Events
Time-Limited Events come only on short term. For example, the event is currently running, namely White Day. Some players ignore it. It is recommended that you complete the event to get a prize.

Complete All Daily Events
Getting Gold Bars in a LifeAfter game is actually not that difficult. Almost every day the given event presents gold bars. At the top right side of your screen, click the daily menu. Here you will see a list of today's hot events. Here is a place where you can collect Gold Bars.

Complete The Exploration
In all zones or modes, there will be several chests that you can take. When you take a number of chests, you will get a gold bar.

Click the home icon in the upper left corner of your screen> exploration> here you can check your tips and folders. Besides that you can also check the amount in the hidden chests.

Hunting Chests
Apart from exploration chests, there are many chests in Autumn Forest, Farstar CIty, Sandcastle, and many more. For example, you can find chests in the autumn forest located on the evac point helicopter, behind the cave, and inside the house.

From these chests you can get valuables such as screws, drill bit alloys, plastic, new dollars, and much more that we cannot mention.

Join Camp as soon as possible
If you join a camp, you will get more prizes through camp events. With Camp you are also permitted to access exclusive shops, merchants, and manor places. And also additional events from Camp namely quest patrol, infected invasion, training targets, camp pond, territory, boss camp battle, resource chest, and daily canteen.

All this can only be obtained from Camp. As a note, Camp Boss Battle is held every Sunday.

Exchange Medals
You will get a medas drill from joining Nancy City. You can exchange these medals to hadial such as Adrenaline, ammo boxes, skill points, mechanical material and Formula Shard even more.

Go to camp's helicopter or go to Hope 101 entrance to meet Acer, talk to her to exchange medals.

Play Card Game games
When you are in a shelter or home, there is a game card on a table. Navigate there and play, take players close to the area. By playing Card Games you can get rare resources and new dollars.

Use the High Level Tool during Gathering
Beginning in your game, you will start with Stone Ax, and Stone Pickaxe where there is still a level 1 tool. Increase the logging / miner ability level ability and you can create higher level tools, for example, Fire Ax, assembled Pickaxe, level 4 Ax, Pickaxe .

If you use a low level tool, the drop rate for secondary resources will decrease.

You can buy or sell item items and equipment in the market hope 101. There are features provided by the system for players to sell and buy goods using gold bars. Almost all rare items or resources are there.

Upgrades, Walls, Floor, and Doors
Defense / Defense is needed too in this game. Zombies and other players can destroy your home. Therefore all defenses in the house must be increased.
If you are in a camp and the camp is 7 days old or more, then the zombies will start attacking your house repeatedly.

For upgrades you can use the bench material and make level 2 enhancements or level 3. To install it you click on the build menu on your screen> enhance> point to wall / door / floor.

Use the Quit Feature on the Bed
This feature is very useful. which will give you additional durability in the weapon, the armor you use. Outside you have to prepare your weapons and lose sturdiness in weapons you can use this feature.

Use your single bed> Use> quit, you will automatically exit the game.

That's Tips & Tricks for beginners that you should know in playing Life After.