Tips to Improve Drone Skill on Lifeafter

How to improve the ability of your drone.

In the Lifeafter survival game there are many features that are provided. Of the many features there is one thing that is quite interesting to have, namely Drone. Yes, unmanned drones are controlled by remote control.

In the lifeafter itself Drones have many functions, such as the basic for attacking, healing, for carrying items and for attacking buildings. Unfortunately you can enjoy the drone feature at Manor 6 which must be minimum Gethering, Crafting and Combat Mastery level 25. Now for those of you who have or have just risen level 6 this is a guide on how to improve your Drone abilities.

In the previous article we discussed how to make a drone, so on this occasion we will provide guidance on how to improve the ability of your drone.

How to Strengthen a Drone LifeAfter

If you can already make basic drones, you can also strengthen the Drone Equip and Drone Chip by using the Enchant and Chip Module. Here's how to improve the Equip and Chip Drone capabilities.

* Open the Formula Research Station Machine - Formula Modification

* Then select Drone Bit Formula Module

* Then select Equip which one you want to increase - Select.

Basic Chip Drones can only be upgraded using 2 Chip items as shown below:

For other Equip such as energy core, engine, framework, and navigator you can only use the etchant module like the example image below.

And again equip energy core, engine, framework, and navigator can only increase the status. Whereas Equip Chip Drone can add new skills with modification results, and what are the explanations that can be obtained by modifying the Drone Chip Formula :

* Drone Skill

Electromagnetic Interference
Drones release electromagnetic waves around the opponent's drones, making them lose direction for 3 seconds. In the following modes, the drone will trigger automatically when the enemy drones are nearby.

Firing Enhancement
Increases the Drone's firepower like a machine gun

HP Enhancement
Drone Health Point (HP) increased by 5%

Armor Enhancement
Drone Armor increased by 5%

Attack Enhancement
Drone Attack (ATK) increased by 5%

Durability Drone increased by 5%

Enhanced Defense
The Drone received demand decreased by 5%

Demage Enhancement
Demage Drone increased by 5%

Critical Enhancement
Critical Drone increased by 5%

Precise Navigation
Increases Drone's flying distance by up to 20 points

Smart Aid
When the owner almost dies, the drone will automatically move to the owner to save them. This skill can be activated at any time

Password Decode
In Manual Control Mode, you can use electromagnetic decoding to open the passlock door when operating a drone to approach the Manor gate or the like. there is an opportunity to immediately open the door. this skill can be used occasionally.

Those are some of the drone abilities that you can improve.
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