Tips on How to Get Polymer Coating and LifeAfter Fabric Film

How to Get Polymer Coating and Fabric Film in LifeAfter

You will need Polymer Coating when you enter Chapter 4 Newbie Quests where you will get an assignment to make a UMP9 and Bullet-Proof Jacket. Both of these items are Polymer Coating and also Fabric Film is included in the category of rare items. Where the Drop rate for Polymer Coating is very low compared to Fabric Film.

From the experience we have found in LifeAfter games, Fabric Films are easier to obtain through chests. However for Polymer Coatings it is not as easy as Film Fabric. But if you buy Hope Funds Pack, you will get 20 polymer coatings when your level of gathering ability reaches level 25.

We will help you to get information on Polymer Coatings and Fabric Films more easily.

• Treasure Chests

In our opinion, to get polymer coating and film fabric, the best way is to look for treasure chests. From the treasure map chests you can get some very useful ingredients such as Polymer Coating. But the items you get from opening the chests randomly.

You are required to play Stronghold Battle Mode, or by other names Infected Lair in Fall Forest and also Castle Battle at SandCastle. From this mode game you will get Feat points.
Visit Fall Forest and open your mini-map. Look for the stronghold battle point then go towards there to find a board and NPC traders who use ghillie suits. You can get treasure map items from the NPC trading list. Use your Feat point to get treasure maps. When you have obtained the treasure map you can use it by pressing the locate button. After that a chest location will appear in your mini-map. Go there and dig for the chest. You will randomly get good resource items or Film Fabric or Polymer Coating.

• Camp Box
To use this method, the Camp you entered must now enter the Steam or Electric level. If your Camp level has entered that level you can get a camp mutinous box or advance supply chest. To get the Box, you must use 2,000 Camp Contribution Points.

From this box you can get a number of useful items such as Skill points, Dollars, and include Polymer Coatings, Fabric Films.

• Mystic Creatures

Mystic Creature can provide you with Polymer Coating and Fabric Film. Mystic Creature appears in 3 locations, namely; Fall Forest, SandCastle, SnowHighlands. If you still use UZI weapons and do not have UMP9 weapons, we recommend that you kill the Mystic Creatures in Fall Forest.

• 5 SnowHighlands Mysterious Chests
The game description states that you can get Polymer Coating through this method. There are 5 Mysterious Chests at SnowHighlands where you can get Plymer Coating, Film Fabric, Cypress Leaf, Kyanite, Berries, Bandages, Hemp, and many more.

‼ Location of the Mysterious Chests at SnowHighlands

♦ Coordinates ↔ 2080, -423; This location is close to Imperial Barracks Level1.
♦ Coordinates ↔ 1731, 2937; This location is in the second part of the Snowhighlands after the river.
♦ Coordinates ↔ 3953, 2710; This location is close to the evac point helicopter, in the second part of the SnowHighlands after you cross the bridge.
♦ Coordinates ↔ 4212, 2031; This location is close to Imperial Barracks Level 4.
♦ Coordinates ↔ 2330, 254; This location is right after you cross the river.

• Event Market
In the current Event the April Fool Event provides a market feature, where you can exchange your badges training with Polymer Coating. In the market features of the event this time also gives you other resource items that you might need.

• Reach Level 25
When your Ability Combat / Crafting has reached level 25, you can buy Polymer Coating and Film Fabric at the mall for 2,000 gold bars. You can buy it every day. But when you buy it, you don't sell back to the trade.

• Trading
The last method is to buy it. In LifeAfter which is known to give 1 buy / sell feature or trading shop. In this trade you can buy Polymer Coating and Fabric Film.