Tips How to Get Skill Points on LifeAfter

If you select the Survivability tab in the main menu you will see three areas that you can get skill points by completing tasks. This area is Gather, Craft, and Combat and you will be able to increase this skill level and get new skills in each area.

For example, you increase mastery of collecting by collecting plants and materials throughout the game. After repeating this process enough, you will level up and get skill points. Skill points are automatically applied to the specific area they have acquired and any new abilities for your character related to mastery will also automatically open.

It is important for you to continue to improve your Combat skill level because it will allow you to access new areas in the game. The level of the area you open will be determined by your battle level with the best spoils available at a higher level.

Tips To Get Skill Points on LifeAfter

You will be able to make stronger weapons and items for your base by increasing your craft level. Crafting levels comes from as many crafts as you can so it is recommended that you make everything you need to start making progress towards better quality items.

• Hunting zombies and animals can give you Combat skill points
• Making different items can pick you up Make skill points.