Tips How to get Blueprint - LifeAfter Tutorial

To be able to research new items in LifeAfter, you need a Blueprint. There are several ways to get a Blueprint, see the full list of the following!

* Weekly Events

The balloon icon on the screen signifies a Weekly Event or LImited Event that is in progress. If you press the icon button, you can see the date of the event and the task that you have to run to complete it.

The rewards that you will get can be used to buy a Blueprint and the Blueprint you get is limited to four pieces per day.

* Daily Reward
After the day when you log in to the game, you will get varied rewards including getting a Blueprint!

* Book Tab
Complete the Book Tab to get rewards in the form of a Blueprint! After you get the Blueprint, you need to learn it first to collect the Upgrade Point which can then be used to upgrade the Weapon or Item.

* 12 v 12 Event
You can take this event at any time if there are 24 players participating. Winning or losing you will still get a reward that can be a Blueprint!

You can only take this event a maximum of four times a day.

* Achievement

Complete various Achievements provided will provide lots of rewards like Gold, Cash and even Blueprint. There are several Achievements that require a long time to complete, you know!

* Shop
In addition to the five methods mentioned above, you can also buy a Blueprint through the Shop. The Blueprint price in the Shop changes every day.

Prepare approximately 3,000 to 5,000 Gold to buy a Blueprint!