Steel Invasion Event, Memorial Coins, Manor Security, Military Drills LifeAfter

Steel Invasion Event, Memorial Coins, Manor Security, Military Drills LifeAfter

(New Update Invasion Event 25-Jan-2020)
The latest update on Lifeafter games added some content for the players. In this Steel Invasion Event, you will be given additional game content for LifeAfter.

The April Fool event will end in this last update, but the developers extended the event until April 24th. The April Food event which starts on March 28 will end on April 24th.

In the latest LifeAfter update this time presents some content in the Event Steel Invasion game namely New Camp Military Drills Mode. Military Drills is very exclusive for camp members. Where each player can participate in this Steel Invasion Lifeafter Event.

In addition, there is a new update to the manor too. Where players can install drones to protect the Manor from outside attacks. The drone you install will automatically attack outsiders even if you are not inside the manor.

You can read the info about LifeAfter Drone Guide here.

We will discuss a little about the latest LifeAfter Update now.

• LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event - Memorial Coins, Defense Fund, Imperial Soldiers, Rescue People

In this Life Event, you will get memorial coins from donating supplies or new dollars in defense funds or maybe from killing imperial soldiers in LifeAfter maps, and also from helping people from impreial soliders camp.

The number of memorial coins that are owned will determine the ranking level in this event. Prizes will be given to the Top 100 players, where prizes are in the form of Formula Shards.

Prizes are obtained with Rank conditions as follows:
Rank 1 → 500 Formula Shards;
Rank 2 - 5 → 400 Formula Shards;
Rank 6 - 10 → 200 Formula Shards;
Rank 11-15 → 100 Formula Shards;
Rank 51-100 → 60 Formula Shards.

• How to Get a LifeAfter Memorial Coins

To get memorial coins, you can try from the event resistance operation. Every time you will see a few small circles like radar or a sign on a mini-map. Pay attention to this and try to give some damage you can afford. You will get a memorial coins after the event ends.

Also you can find some NPCs that can give you memorial coins, like for example; Iguanas found in Fall Forest, Apophis in the Snow Highlands. You will find the NPC close to defense camp or you can check the shield symbol on the mini map.

There are 3 ways to get the memorial coins in the LifeAfter game, namely; Donate supplies or new dollars on defense funds, kill imperial soldiers, and also save people.

♦ Donation Supplies

In your Camp located next to the city hall you will see a kiosk. Interaction with Kari NPC, Foundation Admin> Donate> New Dollars or Supplies.
You can collect 60 memorial coins per day using this method.

♦ Kill Imperial Soldiers
In the LifeAfter Map for example; Fall Forest, Sand Castle, and SnowHighlands you will see many collections of imperial soliders. Open your mini-map and watch for an icon. You will see an icon indicating the location of the imperial soldiers, after that you can go to the location of the icon and kill the imperial soldiers. After you kill several imperial soldiers, you will get 2 memorial coins.

♦ Saving People
In the same location of imperial soliders, you will find several people in that location. Interact with them and free them from that place.

From this method you can also get memorial coins. Click the invasion button on the top of your screen, then click the leaderboard defender button to check the ranking. In Menu Invasion, click the resistant storehouse table, here you can spend the Memorial Coins that you collect for many items that you can exchange. Items that you can exchange like; armor material, mechanical, new dollar, adrenal injection, skill points, common fertilizer, formula shards, drill engines, R & D data, and much more.

As you get memorial coins, your level increases and you will get a title. Click your profile> click the title switch icon (<>) button> choose the title. To check the requirements for the next level> click the invasion button on the top of your screen> hold the storehouse tab> at the bottom of the screen, you can see the numbers of memorial coins needed to reach the next level

• Camp Military Drills Life Mode After

LifeAfter's latest Updaten is currently adding a new fashion camp, called military drills. In this mode, you will join a team with your camp members and save people.

In this mission you have to visit the locations of the survivors and save them by taking them to the truck. And also you can collect fuel for these trucks that you can use to escort them. You can also get Molotov, landmine from chests. Use these items to defeat the guards.

Playing this mode, you can get camp contribution points, skill points, etc.

• Manor Security Life After

This is the new security menu that you get when you interact with the manor controller in your manor. Click the security button and you can add your drone.

The points of your additional assignments will be changed to new dollars, where you can buy Santopany tickets from event markets and visit there. But when you are in Santopany you still cannot collect the resources there.