List of Locations & Ways to Give Gifts to NPCs

In the Life After game, you can meet and interact with many NPCs. Some NPCs will give you a Quest, besides that you can also increase their level of friendship!

How to raise the level of friendship is very easy, you only need to prepare material that is liked by each NPC then give it in the form of gifts or gifts. Giving prizes to NPC is limited to a maximum of 10 times a day.

Here's a complete list of NPCs where you can interact with them and buy various items:

Hope 101
* Here you can meet Chris, Vincent, Judy and Tom. Interact with Chris and Judy to improve Skill Points
* Talk to Vincent if you need Armor or Tom material if you need Weapon material

* Here you can talk to Heider to get the Formula Shard

YK Store
* You can get Weapon material at the NPC named Enya

Commerce Bureau
* Talk to Fernando to buy armor material needs
* You can also interact with Rachel to get the Formula Shard

Steak House
* Talk to Rapunzel to get the Formula Shard
Talk to Stephen to get a Skill Point

* In this zone you can interact with Lina and Sekter who provide Weapon material
* Perfect and Sextius provide Armor material
* Quitai and Auintus provide Skill Points