LifeAfter Event White Valentine

The latest Event Update on LifeAfter is the White Valentine session.

In the LifeAfter game of this period, you will get the White Rose when you are playing collecting materials, or hunting animals. White Rose can also be given to players, and it will describe your friendship point to your friends. Players who receive the White Rose from other players will get charism points. Where on charisma points 10, 20 and 30, you will get prizes such as skill points, new dollars, gold bars, chocolates, etc.

Chocolates that you get later can be exchanged on the market for rare furniture and materials that may be more useful such as Data R & D, Formula Shards, etc. We will discuss a little about this.

• White Rose & Charisma LifeAfter Points

There are 2 ways to get White Roses in this LifeAfter game.

► You can plant a White Rose in your field using a rose seed.

You can get Rose seed every day during this White Valentine Event. You can take the rose seed from the White Day menu on the screen of your game.
After you take the rose seed you can visit your farm land and plant the seed. Use fertilizer to provide more nutrients. You can take the white rose when the plant is ready.

► You can get Rose Seed from the Wilderness.

You can get Rose seed also when you are hunting or collecting ingredients. Like when you are collecting berries or other things you will get a random white rose. You can also get a white rose when you are hunting animals or maybe killing zombies.

To send white rose to another player
You must approach a player you are aiming for, with the player having to level 3. After that, click the location icon below near the chatbox. After that, click the player name and select the confession menu. When finished, the player who receives the white rose from you will receive the charisma points.

• Charisma Reward Points LifeAfter

To collect these Charisma points you must receive a White Rose from other players. As discussed earlier in this article, players who receive White Rose from other players will get charism points.

You can take your prize when you have reached charisma points of 10, 20 and 30.

To retrieve the prize, you click the white day event option above your game screen, and click in the crushing table.

• Chocolates - Echange / Market LifeAfter

The last event of white day velentine in the LifeAfter game also provided several quest features. Complete quests will give you a gift of chocolates. Open the white day event screen menu> Sweet drills, here you will be able to check the solo and partner quests.
Prizes from these quests include mastery points, new dollars, shard formulas, treasure maps, chocolates, etc.

To redeem chocolates, you click on the white day event menu> market. A display will appear where you can use chocolates for other items and ingredients.
Our recommendations you should use chocolates to exchange for rare materials such as shard formulas, data R & D.

Players who are able to maintain their ranking will also get luxury items at the end of this event.