How to Upgrade Manor / House in LifeAfter

New in LifeAfter and still confused How to upgrade House / Manor?

Previously we discussed the First Steps & Walktrough, even the Guide played in the beginning of this LifeAfter game.
In the previous article it was discussed all for the beginning of the game and also the tips & tricks. Now we will discuss a little about this LifeAfter game.

To get new items such as furniture, plant beds, and some functions such as roommate, quick repair, and others, you have to upgrade the manor. Do you know? The development zone is the home where you live where you build your house in the game LifeAfter.

In one of the quest tutorials, you take a piece of land and place it in a blue zone. That is a home foundation quest. You can travel to the wild, town hall, city and development zone using helicopters.

To learn upgrade manor make sure you are in the development zone. In the upper right corner of your screen, click mini-map> click the icon (+) (-) to enlarge or reduce it.

If you are not in development zone, open the mini-map, and find a red exit point> go there then use the helicopter.

We will provide information on how to upgrade a manor or house level in a LifeAfter game.

Interaction with the controller object.

In the Development zone, which is close to the home foundation, there is a controller object located near the city or mailbox. Interact with the object and click Manage. Later options will appear such as: Info, nurse, event, embellish, and Manor.

Click on the ugrade manor option, here you can check the inventory terms and also the required ability level. If all the required conditions are sufficient, you will see an upgrade button. Click, and you have upgraded the manor.

In the upper left corner of your screen, click the home icon, then profile, this is where you can check the manor level at this time.

How to Upgrade a Manor for Beginners

In this discussion, we will discuss how to upgrade the manor to level 2. After that you can process it to the next level. To upgrade a manor / house to level 2 there are several needs and requirements that you need.
The thing you need in this condition is 5 wooden boards, 200 stones, 400 wood, Gather Ability 5 level, Crafting Ability 5, and Combat Ability 5.

• Wooden Boards

Woden Boards can be made from material bench facilities. You will get free material bench facilities in development zone. The trick is you just simply look around the cabin area and interact with it then retieve. When done, you can put it in the manor. To make Wooden Boards you also need some ingredients.

The material you need to make a wooden board is 120x Wood, and 2x Twig in 1x Wooden Boards. You can find Wood and Twig from cutting down trees. Cut trees in the forest area to get these two ingredients. But as a note Twig is a secondary material and is obliged to use an Ax when you cut trees.

• Stones

To get your Stones just enough to destroy rocks with a Pickaxe. You can go to the forest area and will find a collection of rocks there,

• Level Ability

To check the level of ability you can check in the upper left corner, then you click the home icon, ability, here you can see the mastery points needed to go up to the next level and also your current ability level.

There is a trick to increase your ability level in here.

That was obtained from upgrading the Manor

There will be several items that will be opened such as armor, cloth, plastic, cement, and some functions such as quick repair, roommate, and many other things that we don't mention.

The roommate function allows you to share items with your friends, and also lives together in one house.

The Quick repair function allows you to repair structural items that have been damaged or destroyed. In this game Zombie, and other players are able to destroy your home, so this function is very useful for those of you who have to repair your house for the attack.

How to move the Manor

You can go to the controller object in development zone, then click manage, and select the Nurse option, then to the Move Manor menu. You can move your Manor to the location you want.