How to make and get a master key

LifeAfter Tutorial : How to make and get a master key

To open the Chests contained in Farstar City you need a Master Key.

As you know, in the LifeAfter game in the Farstar City area, you can find lots of locked chests in that area. To open the chests you need a master key. You can make Master Key by yourself without having to buy it with ingredients that are not so difficult.

To make a Master Key you are required to learn the Master Key Formula. But before you have to reach level 13 for crafting mastery. The Master Key Formula will open automatically when you have reached level 13 for your crafting mastery. Use Skill Points and New Dollar to learn about the Master Key Formula.

The material you need in making a Master Key is wood, stone, and iron ore. The most important thing is that you have to reach Level 13 Crafting Mastery as soon as possible.

Quick Ways to Achieve Level 13 Crafting Mastery

There is 1 way that we will recommend to you to reach level abilities quickly.
Autumn Forest Quest, Sandcastle Quest, General Training Quest. Of these three Quests you can collect quite large mastery points.

You have to use a helicopter to visit Autumn Forest, and Sandcastle Quest and you will be at one of the houses in that location. Close to the house you can find a board. Interact with the board to check the quests to be given. Complete the Quest given in these 2 locations and you will get Mastery Point.

For Training Quest you can click the training option on the top of your game screen. General / Training, here you will see all the available quests. Complete these quests to get Mastery Points.

After you reach Crafting Mastery level 13, you can learn the Master Key Formula and make a Master Key.

Study the Master Key Formula

In the upper left corner of your game screen. click the Home button then> ablilities. In this menu you can see your crafting mastery level, click crafting ability and select Formula> Learn key master.
Please remember, the Master Key Formula will open when you reach level 13 crafting mastery.

Make a Master Key
After you learn the master key formula, you can create a master key. On the lower left side of your game screen, click Make, in the simple crafting option, and the All table, you can search for Mastery Key by scrolling down then you click the master key and> Craft.

The material needed is 100x Wood, 50x Stone, 1x Iron Ore.