How to increase ability level in LifeAfter..??

How to increase ability level?

There are 3 abilities that we will discuss here namely Crafting, Gathering, & Combat.

• Crafting
To increase crafting ability levels, we highly recommend you make pig iron or maybe gunpoweder from the gear workstation. Every time you make both of these items you will get 100+ point mastery. Some items that are made such as structures, tools, do not provide such a high mastery point.

• Gathering
To increase ability Gathering level by collecting material from the map and also completing the training quest.

• Combat
To increase Combat ability levels by hunting wild animals and killing zombies in the map area.

For this we strongly recommend that you make a machete weapon and an armor as soon as possible to collect combat points so that they don't experience difficulties.

If you have followed the tutorial quest, you should have obtained a long-range weapon, an arc. That's not good enough.

Completing the training quest can also get mastery points. At the top of the screen, click on training options and complete the quest provided, you will get a mastery point that is quite high.