How To Get Professional Cert LifeAfter

Professional Cert you must take in LifeAfter games, and are part of Chapter 3 Newbie Quests.

To take a Professional Cert in a LifeAfter game, you must visit Hope 101 and enter the commerce bureau. You can click the mini-map, and note the sign (i), the location of the sign is the location of the commerce bureau.

Go upstairs and enter a room, you will find an NPC named Jessica. Interact with him to choose the Professional Cert you want.
If you already have a camp, you can find Jessica in the camp hall.

Professional Cert in the LifeAfter game has 9 choices.

1.) Lumberjack
2.) Miner
3.) Hemp Picker
4.) Firearms Maker
5.) Armorer
6.) Furniture Maker
7.) Rifleman
8.) Sniper
9.) Warrior

We will provide a bit of the Cert LifeAfter Professional Cert Guide in here.