How to get Potassium Nitrate LifeAfter

Potassium Nitrate is a rare item, and one of the ingredients for making Plastic in LifeAfter games.

In a survival manual quest, players will be required to make 6x plastic and 6x iron casting. Where the ingredients for making a plastic you need several ingredients, namely, Resin, Potassium Nitrate, Cloth, and Hemp Stem. Of all the ingredients needed to make a plastic, Potassium Nitrate is a rare item that is hard to find in LifeAfter games.

This time we will discuss in this article how you can get Potassium Nitrate.

There are two ways to get Potassium Nitrate in a LifeAfter game, namely Buy and Craft.

How to buy Potassium Nitrate LifeAfter

Go visit Town Hall / Hope 101. 

Find the Central Market there, browse the central market. Navigate to the table and you will appear in the Trade options menu. Click the trade option, a pop-up window will open on your games screen.

On the left side you can see categories, enlarge the material in the category then select> mine resources, there you will see potassium nitrate sold there. Click Potanssium Nitrate then specify the amount> Buy.

Before you buy you must pay attention to the selling price of an item, because there will be a difference in the price of an item. The more sellers, the prices will also vary.

In addition to buying you can also sell your goods, Switch to sell> choose the material you want to sell, then you can specify the price for the items you want to sell> sell.

How to make Potassium Nitrate LifeAfter

To make Potassium Nitrate you need some ingredients to make it, namely Camp Ore Extractor, Drill Engine Oil, Alloy Drill Bit.

• Camp Ore Extractor

Camp Ore Extractor is a mining machine that you need later to extract ore. If you don't have a Camp Ore Extractor, you can make it first.

Go to the bench> craft material, pay attention to the formula table, you can search and find the ore extractor camp. The materials needed to make Camp Ore Extractor are 300x Wood, 100x Stone, and 10x Hemp. The material is very easy to find, you can look for it in the autumn forest.

When you finish creating Camp Ore Extractor, you can put it on Farmland. Farmland is a place where you plant crops, seeds, etc.
If you are still in development zone, you can find farmland near your house, use gold bars to remove stones etc. If you are in a camp, you can search for farmland near the door of your manor.

Click the plant menu on your farmland. The farmland menu will appear on your screen and go to the mine table,> select ore extractor> place it.

• Drill Engine Oil

Drill Engine Oil is a fuel used in LifeAfter mining machines. You can search for Drill Engine Oil from wilderness chests, from trade cities, or from vault merchants in your camp.

If you already have a camp, you can visit a private town hall and outside the camp vault / bank, there will be a merchant, interact with him and see the items that are on him. From this trader you can get Drill Engine Oil.

• Alloy Drill Bit

Alloy Drill Bit is the item you need to extract ore with a mining machine or Ore extractor discussed first.
The way to get Alloy Drill Bit is to complete the New Erachapter 3 quest newbie. From this newbie quest you will get a 1x alloy drill bit. Or you can get this drill bit alloy from Sandcastle, Snow Highlands, and Charles Town. From this location you can search for chests, where you can get the drill bit alloy.

• Extracting Potassium Nitrate

When you have collected all the ingredients above, and have put camp ore extractor on your farmland. Go close to the camp ore extractor and choose extract. Use Alloy Drill bits as extract material and add Drill Engine oil> cool it fuel. It will take time so you can wait while doing other activities.

Come back after the duration is over, after that you can see ore in the drilling section. Go near it and use pickaxe to mine potassium nitrate.