How to get Formula Shard and R & D

You can research new items by using R & D facilities and then combining the Formula Shard that you already have. You can research Weapon, Armor, Items, defense facilities, buildings and more.

Data R & D (Research & Development) is used to upgrade Blueprints and Formulas. You can get R & D Data by combining Shard or when you get duplicate items from doing the Fusing process. R & D data can also be obtained from the Event.

Here are some ways to get the Shard Formula:

Check the List of NPC Locations that provide Formula Shard


You can exchange Chocolate obtained from the Event with Formula Shard

Treasure Map

You can buy a Treasure Map from a Merchant near Stronghold


Complete the Quest or task requested to complete the Achievement and get the Formula Shard


Check the locked chest in the middle of the large room to get the Formula Shard

Farstar City & Charles Town

You can get a Formula Shard from a chest that is deployed by an airplane

Snow Highlands

You can find Formula Shard in a Warehouse guarded by several Mercenaries.