How to Craft Uzi SMG and Tips How to Get Skin UZI SMG LifeAfter

SMG weapons that you can make for free and useful in your hunting.

Mondragon Rifle is the first weapon that accompanies you at the beginning of the game. Where is attack power, and the fire rate of this weapon is quite low. As you complete the newbie quest, you will be able to make a UZI SMG weapon.

In comparison the Mondragon Rifle has an attack power of 27.0, while the Uzi has an attack power of 35.0 with a fire rate UZI better than the Mondragon Rifle.

Not only UZI weapons provided by LifeAfter features include weapons
° SMG like UMP9, Thompson SMG, MP5 SMG.
° AR like Mondragon Rifle, AK47.
° Sniper Rifle like Mosin - Nagant SR, M24.
° Shotguns like Remington M870, 590M.

To get the LifeAfter weapon you have to do fusing shards on the formula research (R & D) Facility. It will randomly get the formula. Not only that, you also have to reach enough combat mastery levels.

This time we will discuss about SMZ UZI weapons.

• UZI Requirements, LifeAfter Formula

As you complete the Newbie Quest and your manor has been upgraded to level3, the Uzi weapon formula will open. And make sure your combat mastery has reached level 10 or more to be able to use it.

To make LifeAfter Uzi weapons, you need several ingredients. namely 10x Iron Casting, 10x Hexagon Nail, and 20x Claw.

► Iron Casting
To make Iron Casting you need several materials such as Tin Ore, Wood Core, and Iron Ore. All of these materials constitute secondary resources.

° Tin ore you can get at SandCastle from destroying stones at Sandcastle.
° Wood Core can be found in SandCastle from cutting down trees in SandCastle.
° Iron Ore you can get in Autumn Forest from destroying trees in Autumn Forest.

Because this item is a secondary resource, you will not get it immediately. Drop rates for secondary resources are very low. It is recommended that you use higher level equipment, and you can use the power-hit feature.

There is a small icon beside your weapon, hold it and release it at the right time. And make sure you point to the target you want. This method can help you to collect Tin Ore and Wood Core in SandCastle.

► Hexagon Nail
The second ingredient for making UZI weapons, to make Hexagon Nail you need several ingredients such as Pig Iron, Vine Hardwood, and Bones.

° Pig Iron, to make this material you need Iron Ore and Twig. Where you can get Twig from cutting down trees in Autumn Forest, you can get Iron Ore from destroying rocks in Autunmn Forest.
° You can get Hardwood Vines from cutting down trees in Autumn Forest.
° Bones you can get from killing animals or zombies in Autumn Forest.

► Claw
The third ingredient in making UZI weapons, Claw, can be obtained from killing animals or infected zombies on SandCastle or at Charles Town.

In this location you will face level 13 or more enemies.

1.) The first thing that must be done is Focus on one ingredient first.
For example, you need 10 units of Iron Casting to make UZI weapons. You can focus on one of the ingredients to make Iron Casting, namely tin ore, iron ore, wood core. Finish to collect one of the ingredients first and then replace with other ingredients.

2.) The second thing is trade. If you have difficulty getting some material, you can buy it from the trade stall or central market hope 101.

3.) The third thing you have to do is work together or create a team. When you want to look for Claw material you will face a high level enemy. For this you are required to form a team to kill zombies and wild animals more easily.

• LifeAfter UZI Skin

Skins on weapons are not just decorations. Each skin will have an additional bonus effect on the player. As is known, the Weapon UZI SMG on LifeAfter provides 3 different skins, namely Rainy Day Vanguard, Snow Elite, and Colletor's Edition.

► Rainy Day Vaguard Skin

° Add Damage of 6% when it rains.
° Add an attack power of 2.

► Snow Elite

° Add an attack power of 3
° Adding a motion speed of 5%
° Increases damage to infected zombies at snowfields by 12%

► Collector's Edition

° Add an attack power of 3
° Add defecation speed when firing at 20%
° Increases ammo capacity, brings more ammo

To get the UZI Weapon Skin fomula from the research facility formula by combining shards or Fusion II.

1.) Make sure you repairs the UZI weapon at intervals.

2.) Always carry a crude ammo box to refill your weapons ammunition when you hunt.

3.) Repairing the UZI weapon will reduce Sturdiness in your weapon, when the weapon's Sturdiness reaches 0, then you can't rephrase it.

4.) You can add damage to the UZI weapon by empowering from bench repair.