How to Craft and Collect the materials to make UMP9 SMG weapons

Learn how to collect the materials needed to make UMP9 SMG weapons

When you enter Chapter 4 Newbie Quests, you will be assigned to make a UMP9 SMG or Thompson SMG weapon to complete the mission of the quest. Where UMP9 will open automatically when you reach Manor level 5, and for Thompson SMG you need a blueprint formula from the R & D Device through fusing formula shards.

In LifeAfter games for weapons and armor you have to make them and some of you must get a blueprint formula to make it. For this case the SMG UMP9 will open from the system and you don't need a blueprint formula for this.

We will discuss a little and give tips for this SMG UMP9.

Materials or Resources needed by LifeAfter SMG UMP9

In making UG9 SMG weapons you need 10x ALoy Hard Aluminum; 12x Hexagon Nail; 24x Grease; and 4x Polymer Coating.

► Hard Aluminum Alloy

You can make Hard Aluminum Alloy through Gear Workstation> Make Weapons> Workable> Hard Aluminum Alloy. The materials you need to make Hard Aluminum Alloy are Tin Ore, Aluminum Ore, Old Cypress, and Tree Oil.

You can get Tin ore at Charles Town, SandCastle;
Aluminum Ore can be found at the Snowhighlands.
You can get Old Cypress in the Snowhiglands from cutting down trees.
You can get Tree Oil by planting Ginkgo Seed in your home field. Tree Oil is included in rare items. To get Ginkgo Seed you can cut down trees with very low drop rates, from the camp occupied / map merchants in the Snowhighlands, from Stronghold Merchant, play barrack battles mode and collect feat, feat points can be redeemed to Ginkgo Seed.

► Hexagon Nail

The material you need to make Hexagon Nail is Pig Iron, Vine Hardwood, and Bones.

You can get Pig Iron from making it with Iron Ore and Twig. You can get Iron Ore and Twig in Autumn Forest.
You can get Hardwood Vines in Autumn Forest from cutting down trees when the weather is raining.
You can get bones from killing wild animals or zombies in Autumn Forest.

► Grease

You can get Grease from SnowHighlands by hunting animals, and also killing Imperial Soldiers.

► Polymer Coating

Previously, we discussed how to get a polymer coating. If you haven't read it, you can read it again.

• Upgrade the LifeAfter SMG UMP9

Here you can increase your UMP9 SMG weapon using the modifying feature in the R & D Device. it will spend your R & D data. After you modify the UMP9 SMG formula, the system will show you with 2 results. Compare status and choose the best.

• LifeAfter SMG UMP9 Skins

You can get SMG UMP9 Skins from fusing shards in R & D Devices. But it will appear randomly. The available skins are UMP9 Rainy Day Vanguard, UMP9 Snow Elite, UMP9 Collector's Edition. You can get Vanguard Rainy Day UMP9 and UMP9 from Fusion III. But you can get UMP9 Collector's Edition only from Gun Maker Cert.


1.) Don't use the SMG UMP9 weapon in low difficulty battles. You can use Mondragon at Fall Forest, UZI in SandCastle, UMP9 on Mouth Swamp.

2.) Use UMP9 in Nancy City Battles, Miska, Snowhighland Stronghold, Sandcastle Stronghold. Here you will not lose too much durability.

3.) Don't use UMP9 when a heat symbol appears. Wait 12 hours to use it again.

4.) Don't forget to collect Polymer Coating every day because you will need more UMP9 in Mouth Swamp mode.