Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Strategi LifeAfter #2

Get Started, Home Foundation

After completing the tutorial and leaving the town hall, you will enter the development zone where you will make a cabin. But when you enter the zone, there will be zombies roaming the location. You will be required to make an arc weapon. To complete this quest, you must make a bow and make arrows.

As mentioned before, you need Ax and Pickaxe to collect wood and stone. But at that time you get nothing. All you have to do is approach the roc and tree then> press the punch / action menu on the screen. Collect wood and make a bow. Collect Wood and Stone to make arrows.

The most important thing to note, when you are in that location, there will be a container close to the cabin. Open and take all the ingredients. This is very important for making a bow. If you collect it manually it will take longer. So you can find the container and after that kill the zombie.

In the next quest, you are required to interact with the radio. The radio is located close to the cabin. find it, and there will be a sign of the house. Take it, and head towards the back side of the cabin, there is a ground, take it, and there will be some objects that you need to take.

when it is taking, go to the menu> select ground> gear> place it into the blue zone. Now you collect wood, stone and build your house. Make sure you explore Sedit and you will find several items such as beds, chairs, gear workstations, and also material bench.

Put all the facilities in your house, build walls, doors, stairs. This is all you have to go through in this game.