Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Strategi LifeAfter #4

LifeAfter Tips & Tricks

• Craft Weapons and Armor

If you have followed the walkthrough before on chap 1, 2, and 3, you should already have an arc weapon. But the bow weapon is not a good weapon for you if you want to survive for a long time. You have to make a shotgun as fast as possible to explore the deadly zone.

Go near the gear workstation> craft> weapons. You can make a machete (Machete), a melee weapon, or Mondragon Rifle.

To make machetes (Machete), you need wood, stone, hemp, iron ore. You can get all this material from the wild.

To make Mondragon rifle, you need wood, pig iron, and bone. Bone can be found by killing animals in the wild, for example wolf, deer. You can make pig iron by requiring iron ore material, twig.

Where you can get Iron Ore from the rock, and you can get Twig from cutting down trees. You can get hemps from the wild.

Armor - An armor can increase HP capacity, defense, and also damage reduction. It is recommended that you immediately make an armor.

• Take your backpack back.

You will lose your item when your character dies. After that, you can respawn to other areas randomly or in the house where you live. You can take your items back where you died. It will be marked with a bag icon on the mini-map. Go there as soon as possible.

• Feed The Dog, Let the Dog Guard.

You can assign your dog as a guard. Go near the nameplate in the dog's house> pet view> click dog> guard. To feed your dog, click the avatar on the dog in the upper left corner of your game screen, choose a feed.

In the LifeAfter game you can improve your mood or increase the perfection of the status of the dog by feeding it. You can feed like bones, meat, watermelon, milk, vegetables, and much more. If the dog is in a bad mood. he will not follow orders from you.

• Collect Hemp, Simplify some Bandages

Mobile is the main status in your character. In LifeAfter games, you can restore your cellphone from your character by using bandages. You can make bandages with Hemp material. Hemp can be found from the wild. Click menu Make> restore> bandage.

• Use Bed to restore HP and Health

Use the bed then sleep. This is able to restore character and health. In general, you will get a bed for free. All you need to do is explore a little in the cabin area. Or you can make a bed with a material bench.

• Participation in Events

Click the daily menu on the top right in your game screen to check for upcoming events. You can get dollars, valuables from these quest events.

• Allying with Friends

Joining your friends makes your battle easier. If you don't have friends who play this game, you can look for outsiders to join this game.

• Complete Training Projects

In the upper right corner, click the training menu> training> here you can see the training quests. Complete these quests to get training medals, skill points, new dollars, and much more. You can spend training medals on the market tab.

This is the basic Life After in Tips and Guide for beginners.